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Tb leadership

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Many leaders forget that business is about values, not Just economic performance.Moral leadership doesn’t mean ignoring profit and loss, stock price, production costs, and other hard measurable facts.But it does require recognizing the Importance of moral values, human meaning, quality, and higher purpose.

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Despite the corporate realities of greed, competition, and the drive to achieve goals and profits, leaders can act from moral values and encourage others to develop and use moral values In the workplace. 0 2. How does a leader find the courage to step through fear and confusion, to act despite the risks Involved? All of us have the potential to live and act courageously, If we can push through our own fears. Most of us have learned fears that limit our comfort zones and stand in the way of being our best and accomplishing our goals. We have been conditioned to follow the rules, not rock the boat, to go along with things we feel are wrong so others will like and accept us.

There are a number of ways people can unlock the courage thin themselves, including committing to causes they believe in, connecting with others, welcoming failure as a natural and beneficial part of life, and harnessing anger. 180-185 3. What is the concept of servant leadership described by Robert Greengage? According to Greengage, servant leaders: 1) put service before self-interest; 2) listen first to affirm others; 3) inspire trust by being trustworthy; and 4) nourish others and help them become whole. Servant leaders truly value and respect others as human beings, not as objects of labor.

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