Dionlee Australian Fashion Designer

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2022
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Sydney born Dion Lee is a 24 year old successful Australian born high end textile fashion designer who creates clear-cut, structured and tailored to perfection garments to create a perfect silhouette for the woman wearing his designs. He is one of the fashion industries youngest well known designers. Dion is inspired by the construction of clothing. He likes edge cutting garments which are extremely functional created with the combination of traditional tailoring techniques and modern concepts and techniques.

His designs cater working class women who look for the smart casual look which is accomplished with the designer’s sharp blazers and also girls who are looking for a chic cocktail frock. Fashion designer Dion Lee launched his debut collection in 2008 and quickly cemented his status as one of Australia's leading talents. Best known for his translation of architecture and science into "relaxed sophistication" Dion now attracts global attention, but still calls Sydney home.

Believing that Sydney style reflects the physical landscape and its trans seasonal climate, Dion effortlessly designs collections balancing proportion and silhouette to create structures that "link the environment and the body". "I design for a certain kind of contemporary feminine identity, there is a very strong connection within that kind of woman being Australian," says Dion.

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With origami like precision, his work is an articulation of engineered construction and detailed resolution, running parallels between architecture and fashion with "the ability to draw something on a two dimensional level and materialising it on a three dimensional sensory level". This season is no different. Utilising proportion, volume, texture and his signature prints, his current collection which recently debuted in the UK, is the perfect balance of structure and fluidity.

Taking inspiration from the collaborations he seeks, Dion has previously joined forces with Cue Clothing to release his own collection and most recently worked with Kanye West and Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Christine Centenera on his London show, supported by a short film he created with Australian Director Lorin Askill. If it’s possible to balance complexity with simplicity, Dion Lee achieves this in volumes. An achievement that puts him on the "watch list", a status that Sydney and the world will be monitoring. Check out Dion Lee’s collection at Westfield, David Jones and Incu.

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