Digibyte – What is Digibyte?

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The financial world has been changed once and for all with the appearance of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2008. The very idea of digital money created, stored, and used digitally altered the core principles of commerce positively all over the world. After Bitcoin, a lot more cryptocurrencies were developed. They all use a blockchain technology, which provides a reliable platform to store information plus conduct transactions.

The big family of digital currencies was expanded in 2014 by the creation of DigiByte (DGB). It is rooted in  Bitcoin with a couple of adjustments made. They enhanced its functionality, security, and transaction time. Its founder, Jared Tate, is a businessperson and a programmer that has helped him to understand which amendments need to be made to create a fast and secure way of digital money transfer. What is DigiByte exactly? And what makes it so outstandingly that it is enlisted in the top five digital currencies to invest?

It is a worldwide famous decentralized digital payment system and open source cryptocurrency that used Bitcoin as a starting point for development. Using a blockchain technology it allows its clients to transfer money to any place they intend to safely and without any fear of fraud. Clients can move their money on the Internet without practically any limits using several enhancements.

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Two main characteristics the company is proud about are the faster transaction that in case with Bitcoin and low transaction fees. The primary focus is on security and providing a protected method of the peer-to-peer communication. The trading price of DigiByte is very low - it is the technology it provides that is being praised by the whole community of cryptocurrencies users. The team of developers working on Digibyte has already been credited for their remarkable support and dedication to the company.

The company claims that their primary mission is to explain plus share the real and plausible benefits of DigiByte cryptocurrency.  They reveal the method of digital payment to the consumers, retailers, entrepreneurs, and businesses all over the world. The total amount of DigiByte is 21 billion that is going to be spread over the next 21 years. Due to such an extensive number of coins, the transactions and money purchases are happening every 30 seconds.

They appear in the network similarly to all other cryptocurrencies – the mining process takes place. The mining process is possible if you have the computer with necessary software programs installed to mine coins.  DigiByte can handle up to 560 transactions per second, and the company plans to increase that number to 280,000 transactions by 2035. DigiByte has made a big present for all miners. It is a multi-algorithm platform that allows miners to choose from a variety of mining procedures to find the most suitable one. The company has elaborated a tool to cope with multi-mining pools and inflation risks when new coins are mined called DigiShield.

If the question “How to buy DigiByte?” arises, the answer will be similar to all other digital currencies purchases. To get a bit of DigiByte coins, the client should register a digital wallet. This is a personal place where information about the transactions will be stored. There are different types of wallets that can suit all investors needs. It is important to preserve the information about the address and private key to your wallet. With this address, you can buy DigiBytes on trading exchange websites. This digital currency is supported on nine different exchanges including Bittrex, Cryptoria, Yobit, and other.

DiGiBytes is a rapidly developing software that has a strong business ethic and determination to make the digital payments the world's everyday reality. If you intend to gain a quick profit, you should not invest in this currency. It is a long-term investment so be ready to wait for your earnings a bit. The usage of this cryptocurrency is getting bigger with time opening new possibilities for both the company and its clients. The Digibyte coin is widely used in eSports commerce connected with various online game platforms, and the client can earn one playing different games, for instance, League of Legends.

Being one of the most popular digital currencies in the world, the prospects of this currency look very bright and optimistic. If the company doesn't relax and will stick to its principles of development as it has done before, one day it will become the essential part of our financial routine. It is more than possible! The commercial industry can only win from the close cooperation with Digibyte but the time will show, whether these predictions are correct or not.

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