What Are the Different Forms of Literature?

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Literature is a form of expression. It is an expression of one's feeling, ideas, emotions, personal experience and imagination. It conveys through a piece of writing that can be valued in the works of art, especially, novels, plays and poems. It is divided into two fictional and non-fictional literatures. Fictional literature is based on imagery writing than reality. It provides information, education and entertainment to the readers.

Non-fictional literature is based on reality. It denotes about the facts, real places, real events and character. The world of literature suggests an art form. Works of literature particularly represent a genre. Literature can be varied from one generation to another generation. Great literatures transform the man who reads it towards the man who wrote it. The life of human and nature is explored in the way of literature. The good literature has emotional element, the element of imagination and fancy, the element of composition and style.

Literature is an expression of life. It is the man's script of thoughts and emotion. It is characterized by permanent qualities. Every great work comes from an ideal person, to know his ideal record we should read his literature. Literature talks about the ideals of people, love, faith, duty and friendship. Literature can be classified into novel, short story and dramas.

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The concept of literature varied over time. British literature was considered one of the most widespread literatures in the world. This was the period, which faced lots of inventions and developments in the England. All the developments were influenced by the authors and imitated in their own works. There was also a great development in British literature. England flourished from the year 800 BC. British literature includes the works of old English, middle English and modern English each denoted different periods.

The most important events in England were the Germanic invasions. Germanic was followed by Angles and Saxons. Angles and Saxons were established in various parts of the Britain. British literature states about the human and of its experience. It describes about the difficulty of achieving the community. Common people's problems were reflected in the periodicals and newspapers.

Humanism became the most important in the life of intellectuals and in the English literature. It was the fundamental quality found in the people of the renaissance period. British literature was bound up with historical shifts of British identity. The most important historical event was the Hundred Year's war, the Black Death this made many writers to write about it. Many people were encouraged to translate Latin works into English. English were recorded in chronicles this was the first historical record.

English was wide spread all over the country of England. By the year 1300 English was used by all classes of people. The most common goal of the poet was to make English more flexible. During the fifteenth century English language attained the modern form. Poetry was more essential in the seventh and eighth century of England. Poetic talents were highly valued in the English literature. Heroic couplet, ballad and sonnets were some of the important thing introduced in the English literature.

This made the poetry writing even more effectiveness in the literature. The prose of old English has only the English soil and not the Germanic origins. There was a rise in morality play in the fourteenth century. It teaches people about morals and values of human lives. The Canterbury Tales was one of the famous works of Chaucer which reflects the society of England and the real characters who lived in the society.

The most remarkable thing in England was the invention of printing press by Caxton in 1476. The invention made a huge development that all the books in the manuscript were changed into printed books. It encouraged writings of all kinds of works and also improved the standardization of English language. The age reason can be divided into three The Restoration Age, The Augustan Age and The Age of Johnson.

There was a great development in scientific inventions like navigation, shipbuilding and discoveries of sea route. Queen Elizabeth Age was considered one of the fruitful periods of English history. She made a lot of developments in English history. The Elizabethan literature reflects the new nationalism. Many new genres, themes, ideas were introduced in English literature. Elizabethan literature commonly influenced self-confident and about the expanding of nation powers and increasing the wealth.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth century drama was flourished in England in the works of university wits. Jacobean drama started with the drama including the Shakespeare's plays. Drama continued to expand until the theaters were closed. Novels were popular in the Britain. The novels were considered not only the form of entertainment but also means of analyzing and offering solutions social and political problems.

The century was ended with gothic novels. The development of poetry, novels and drama attained a great height. It was influenced by the pupil because of the humanism, morality and the historical truth which arouses interest towards the people.

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