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Other Forms Of Social Control

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All societies impose social control on their citizens to some degree. This type of control allows them to monitor and regulate behavior formally and informally. Key’s to understanding a culture’s system of social control is having a better understanding of the social norms. In large scale society they maintain social control within the legal institutions.

There are also two other major controls that exist that many are unaware of. Religion is known to have control over the population, the public and the behavior of all. Whenever a person claims to be a dedicated Christian they must follow certain types of moral codes in order to uphold the personality in the public.

Television is another form of social control. This control was noted that television was blocking mostly those individuals from enjoying the life on the outside of their doors. Social control is even in our households. A person wants their household a certain type of way has somewhat of a social control.

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I am under the impression that when a child is growing up they are taught wrong from right, what is good and what is bad. This however is only to prepare them for the real world.

The subconscious mind is an outstanding and powerful information processor that can record and replay events that happened in the past. However many individuals become aware of their own subconscious mind when they realize they’re engaged in an undesirable behavior only as a result of someone who has pushed the wrong buttons.

Other Forms Of Social Control essay

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