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Although many people may think that signing a consent form is crazy, but there are many different think that people may hear about signing consent forms such as; you have to pay for the form, there are a lot of questions on the form, and they are not real at all. The real question we should all ask ourselves is that.

Should informed consent be limited in certain situation? I'm about to give you some good reasons why we should sign consent forms at the doctor's office and the hospital. For example, while reading he book about Henrietta Lacks gave me a different outlook on what really goes on in the doctor's office and the hospital, and we all need to watch out and read everything that we get from the hospital and doctors.

Now if Henrietta got consent form she would have read that paper before she signed it and then the doctor's would have never took her cells Just to run some test on them without her knowing, and that is where the consent form comes in at. As though many of us do not read everything that is on that form and the entire only thing that we do see on the paper is ignature and date, but we really need to read the whole thing before we go and sign a form and we have no idea what they will do without cells Just like Henrietta.

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One of the quotas that stand out to me in "Transparency: informed consent in primary care (Hoard Brody)", and I feel that this quote was a good one because it gets right to the point about signing consent forms: Physicians may also view informed consent as an empty charade, since they are confident in their abilities to manipulate consent by how they discuss or divulge information (Brody par 4). While reading this quote had e thinking about a lot of thing that we may not know about these consent forms because our doctors do not really tells us about them, yet the only thing they do is give it to us so that we can read it and sign the paper.

However many of us may have a lot of questions that about signing a consent form at the doctor's office and we may not think that it is very important to sign and most of us do not want to sign that paper and they doctors may do something to you cells, and you did not sign that paper the only person that you can be upset with is yourself because you did not ead that consent form all of the way, but the one that you was ready to do is not sign that paper and Just walk out the doctor's office.

Another quote that I thought that Howard Brody wrote about in his article was: Some positive side-effects of this might be more focus on good diagnostic and therapeutic decision making on the physician's part, since it will be understood that the patient will be made aware of what the physician's reasoning process has been like, and better documentation of management decisions in the patient record (Brody middle of par 18). The speed of edical research together with drug companies race to create products has overtaken the system designed to keep people safe (Robert Davis par 2).

While reading this quote from "U. S. : Human Medical Test Lack Oversight (Robert Davis)", I feel that we should get a better understanding of the medical, and consent forms because if we don't read and understand something then we will signing something tor someone to take without us knowing. In conclusion many people may not understand why we should sign a consent form Just in the case something may happen to us while we are at the doctor's office or in the hospital.

While reading these articles and the Henrietta Lacks book made me realize that signing a consent form is important because you do not give the doctors the rights to take anything from you that they did not ask for, but back in the day they could Just take anything that didn't belong to them; however, now you have to ask that patience if you can, but most of the time they will say no.

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