Different characteristics of a good business

Bring out the difference between personal letters and business letters. Discuss the different characteristics of a good business letter. Importance of business letter Differences Characteristics 3 Writing effectively is a skill, which can be learnt and perfected. Explain the general principles of Effective writing. What are the various techniques to improve your writing skills? General principles of Effective writing Techniques to improve writing skills 4 What groundwork does one need to do to make an effective presentation?

How do verbal, vocal and visual components of communication impact a presentation? Groundwork needed to make an effective presentation Verbal, vocal and visual components impact on presentation Explain the contents of a good resume. Distinguish between the different types of resumes. Contents of good resume Types of Resumes 6 With growing competition and volatile market conditions, Jobs are not secured as they ought to be previously. What are the factors looked into by the prospective employers?

Identify the techniques, which should be used by an interviewee to get a good Job. Factors Job interview techniques Define the term ‘Organizational Behavior”. Explain the importance of Organizational Behavior. Definition of Organizational Behavior Importance of Organizational Behavior 2 Explain the following: a) Span of Control b) Centralization and Decentralization 3 Describe the personality traits influencing Organizational behavior.

Personality traits influencing Organizational Behavior 4 Define the term motivation. Explain Mascots need Hierarchy theory. Definition of motivation Mascots hierarchy theory 5 Explain the functions of communication. Mention some of the tips or techniques for effective communication. Functions of communication Tips or techniques for effective communication 6 Write short notes on the following: a) Organization Culture ) Conflict management a) Organizational Culture Monetary policy regulates the money supply in an economy.

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Different characteristics of a good business
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