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Dharavi Slum

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Mumbai has thrived economically in the recent years and now has one of the highest property prices in the world. Despite this the majority of the population live in squatter settlements such as Dharavi. In one square mile of Dharavi there are one million people and many more people arrive to live in the same cramp conditions. The ‘homes’ found in Dharavi are made up of basic materials available to the builder. Buildings on the outskirts appear to be much less permanent than those found the centre. This is because they have been around for many years.

The public toilets, most of which are blocked because of poor drainage systems, have to be shared between estimates of 300-500 people each. The biggest problem affecting the drainage systems is during the monsoon seasons, mainly because of flooding. Low access to toilet facilities forces the people to use the local river for urination and defecation. Water is rationed to the whole settlement through 162 taps for 2 hours a day. The poor conditions spread many diseases such as diphtheria, cholera and typhoid. This is not helped by the fact each shack holds 6.

2 people. Despite the lack in sanitation, 85% of households own a television set, 75% own a pressure cooker, 56% a gas stove and 21% have a telephone. Also the people themselves are generally happy with their circumstance. The area has a large social atmosphere and many choose to work together and help each other. The area itself is a hub for recycling and production business. 85% of residents have a job in the local area. It is said the settlement generates an annual turnover of $650 million. Plans/Attempts to improve socio-economic conditions.

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Investment and redevelopment into Dharavi slum is an attractive prospect to the Mayor of Mumbai Sunil Prabhu. The area is also in a prime location for the developers themselves as it is situated just outside Mumbai’s financial district and rich real estate hot spots such as the Bandra-Kurla Complex. For the outside world redevelopment has many positives. Clearing the slum will improve health conditions, living space and make the land the squatters live on legal for the first time. Mumbai will also benefit from removing the unattractive settlement from the city.

The $2 billion project to slowly remove the slum has already started. Investors can also already bid for one of the 13 sub sections in the 5 sectors of the slum. The project has a great prospect to improve the already large economy of Mumbai and huge amounts of money will be made in the selling of real estate in the Dharavi slum area. The plan is to also rehabilitate all slum dwellers into flats built in the Dharavi area. These flats will have more space and more basic provisions for the residents. Not only will flats be built but also proper hospitals and schools. The project portfolio has outlined the following benefits:

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