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Marketing Research Professor Tom Tafolla Midterm Exam Developing a Marketing Research Proposal 84179 Marketing Research Proposal Kraft Food Healthy Snack Product Development for 50+ Market Introduction For years, Kraft Foods are hiring experts to conduct lengthy studies on a product's marketability, visual and taste, all to sell you more foods stuffed with sugar, fat and salt. Now Kraft Food is blamed by publics it only cares about consumers' personal taste, but not personal health, especially for the aged people.

Since baby boomer is a uge population in the US and nave a strong purchasing power, they are trying to save their losing competitiveness in this huge market. Therefore Kraft Food's product development department is seeking a research service consultant to conduct baby boomer market, to discover new product opportunities of healthy snacks. Research Objectives The objectives of this research are: 1 . To understand how baby boomers make snack purchase decisions and choices. 2. To learn who are the key influencer in snack consumption decisions in baby boomer market 3.

To gain insights into the obstacles to choosing Kraft Food product 4. To understand what health considerations exist in baby boomer market Marketing Challenges and Opportunities Challenges: 1 . Kraft Food products' images are deeply rooted in the hearts of people's mind, which is tasty, satisfying your bliss point, but not very healthy. 2. Snack is usually designed for leisure time between meals; people seldom consider its health value. Opportunities: 1. Baby boomer is a huge market and has strong purchasing power 2. The lack of healthy snack market 3.

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If consumer is looking for an easy way to eat healthy, without having to change their daily routine too drastically, snacks should be a good entry point. Information Coverage Information for this research will be collected according to the following hierarchy of needs: 1. Baby boomer group information 2. Healthy food information Research Design Primary Research: 1 . In store observation: baby boomer's purchasing routine and behavior on snacks. Healthy considerations while making choice. 2. In home interview: baby boomer's eating routine on snacks

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