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Develop a business plan including financial planning and marketing BY Ere-NY I am a fully qualified Offset Registered Children. Challenging takes place on the ground floor of my house In big and spacious room fully equipped and caters for all age groups from 0-8 years. Professional Qualifications and Experience I have previous experience in working full time as a children assistant, therefore I am updated with all the E. Y. F. S. Stages of development and will give you a daily profile of your child and reviews with a more detailed profile of your child's work.

I am articulacy interested in role-play for children, mime and story telling. I also use a lot of nursery rhymes, singing and poems with children. Languages I am Italian, which I can teach if parents are interested using flash cards, games, and music. I also have a basic understanding of Spanish and French however my assistants are also bal-lingual in Spanish and Turkish. Food and Allergies All possible precautions will be taken to avoid the most common allergies such as nuts, eggs and berries. Wheat allergy can be taken Into account and discussed. All the food I give Is vegetarian and organic.

This Includes milk (formulas are usually supplied by the parent). Food is given every hour to an hour and a half throughout the day. Alternatively you can bring your own which will be given at similar timings. A menu for the week is given at the beginning of the week. All meals include fruit or yogurt or fruit puree and fresh fruit is given at least twice a day and up to four or five kinds of fruit often. This is naturally seasonal. Assistants I have two fully Offset registered assistants, both working 20 hours per week on a Rota basis also depending on how many children we have to care at the same time ND they work from 8. 0 to 5. 00 and occasionally longer and one as standby to work odd hours/half or full days If the other one Is Ill or absent for any reason. Activities Each child under my care Is precious and unique. Deferent activities are laid out to slut different needs and reading. Quiet but mentally stimulating activities are encouraged such as puzzles, drawing and other art and craft simple activities such as fuzzy-felt or construction toys such as leg/duple/sticklebacks. Play: Children have a structured day with age related toys, which are regularly washed and checked Children over the age of two will take a part in cooking - Artwork for children of all ages - Sure Start Children's Centre - Libraries -Outings to parks A list of what toys are displayed for the children Is made on a weekly basis. This then helps parents Identify what toys children are playing with, dally. Children can also access toys from shelves bookcases, and drawers that are mostly at their level even for children of nine or ten months. Equipment Is changed regularly to slut the needs of the children.

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School runs are also considered, if you would like to know more My house has a lovely big garden with all the outdoor toys and activities. The children, especially in the spring are stimulated to do outdoor activities such us planting strawberry and see it grow. Children's Centre is usually visited on a regular basis. Other days of the week parks, Wood Green library, toy libraries and places of interest are visited which include cultural and festive places such as a visit to see Father Christmas. Outings lists are made for the whole week. I do not charge for outings that are less than E.

This means that within this time an eight-hour day is EYE. O. However I do work longer than those hours if required from 6. 30 am to 7. Pm. Longer hours than this may be considered. All rates other than the standard times will be extra and can be discussed. I also work in the evenings and rates will vary accordingly. Babysitting pm onwards which can be discussed I. E. Your house or my house. Overnight care is registered by Offset as can be seen my registration certificate. Reviews and parties. I have regular reviews and parties for parents. Sometimes reviews are Joint as some things may apply to several parents.

Parties are a way of both parents and children socializing and children seeing how we all interact with each other. Location Wood Green, Perth Road NON, about 3 min by bus from Wood Green underground. Parking is freer before am and after pm however if you require to stay long time for a review I can provide you with visitors' parking permit. Comprehensive list of rates for other timings is available, please ask if interested Please book a time to come and visit any weekday, preferably not between 12 and 2. 00 as children are having their lunch and getting ready to sleep. Late afternoon after pm up to pm is preferable.

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