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Descent Into Savagery: Lord of The Flies

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The novel "Lord of The Flies" seems completely Innocent at first, but as you read on, you can tell that the isolated island is getting to them. The boys become violent and thirsty for human fear. They are questioned "Is the beast only within us? " I will describe their descent into savagery with a variety of extracts from the novel, trying to prove that the 'best' is within us all. In the beginning, the boys are very civilized and decide that since they are British hey must do things properly.

Ralph was the one to blow the conch, so they all agree to vote his chief. "Let's vote - him with the shell. " (P. 21 . ) Jack the other candidate for chief looks shocked that for once In his life, he wasn't chosen first. Ralph noticing this announces that Jack is In charge of the choir and lets him chose their Island Job. Jack makes them hunters. Ralph In my opinion was a good choice, he proves this later on by thinking thoroughly and keeping a sane civil mind. Ralphs first decision as chief Is for Jack, Simon and himself to do the 'grown-up' thing and explore the Island.

They want to make sure It Is an Island, and see If they're in fact the only human Inhabitants. When finished exploring, they are proven right. "There aren't any grown-ups. We shall have to look after ourselves. " (P. 31 . ) Ralph then creates his first rule: having 'hands-up' Ilke at school during assemblies, then that person would be given the conch In order to speak.

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The hunter's fist opportunity to kill a pig Is during the exploration of the Island. Jack raises his knife Into the air and freezes. He doesn't stab the pig because "of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting Into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood. (P. 29. ) In the beginning, death was scary. This shows Jack not being able to bare the blood, which aggravates him more because he wants to look superior and heuristic towards the others. The first moment the savage within Is brought out Is when the child with the birthmark talks. "He says he saw a 'beastie' the snake-thing and will It come back tonight? " (P. 34) the children are afraid of the night and the shadows. Their Imaginative means not only create a Tear Tor themselves, out Tor all 0T them; even though the 'big guns' won't admit it, or believe that the fear is of themselves.

Their next move is making a signal fire, which goes chaotic - they all become overly excited and end up burning down part of the forest along with burning the boy with the birthmark to death. When the fire burns out Jack realizes the mistake they've made and says "We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English. " (P. 40) The boys become more tribal when Ralph and Jack buttheads about how Jack and his hunters haven't put as much contribution as the others in building shelters. The madness came into his eyes again. 'l thought I might kill. Ralph points out that he didn't and asks for his help and Jack Just declares "We want meat-! "(P. 47) This leads to a row between the two.

In the end, Ralph says "All I'm saying is we've worked dash hard. That's all. " (P. 47) Jack is beginning his inhumanity behavior and wants nothing to but hunt. This is when the real fun' begins; Jack brings out the real beast in himself by painting his face to hide from his self-consciousness and shame, he becomes an alter ego who lives off the fear of other living things. He wants power within the knife he possesses.

His first act of being "an awesome stranger" (P. 58) is creating the war dance to slaughter a pig: "Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood. " (P. 62) ironically, earlier he wanted rules he said "We're not savages. We're English. " (P. 40) Painting your face, and creating a killing dance is savage in my opinion. When a ship passes and everyone's hope of rescue is crushed when they learn of Jack not caring that he let the fire out - I realized he didn't miss home like the others. This creates more tension between Ralph and Jack. fou said you'd keep the fire going and you let it out!

Descent Into Savagery: Lord of The Flies essay

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Who represents savagery in Lord of the Flies?

The two gathering of young men, trackers of Jack and devotees of Ralph, contend with one another. Ralph speaks to development, request, and rule, while Jack and his gathering speak to viciousness and boorishness. The opposition arrives at its pinnacle when conch is challenged, and controls are broken.

How does Golding present ideas about savagery in Lord of the Flies?

One of ways Golding shows strife among brutality and civilisation is when Jack and a portion of different young men are executing the primary pig. Jack drones "slaughter the pig, cut her throat, spill the blood". This recommends viciousness as the young men are being brutal and forceful when executing the pig and they couldn't care less about it.

What is the main message of the Lord of the Flies?

The overall topic of Master of the Flies is the contention between the human drive towards viciousness and the guidelines of progress which are intended to contain and limit it. All through the novel, the contention is performed by the conflict among Ralph and Jack, who individually speak to development and savagery.3 days prior

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