Essays on The Killer Angels

Essays on The Killer Angels

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Courage and Heroism in the Battle of Gettysburg in “The Killer Angels”

“The Killer Angels” written by Michael Shaara in 1974, published by Ballantine Books, is a story showing the courage and heroism of people involved in the Battle of Gettysburg that took place in 1863. The novel presents the battle in an objective manner, and does …

CourageThe Killer Angels
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The Killer Angels is a 1974 historical novel by Michael Shaara that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1975.
Originally published



Buster Kilrain, General James Longstreet, Brig. Gen. John Buford, Gen. Robert E. Lee


Historical novel


Prequel: Gods and Generals

Frequently asked questions

What is the thesis for Killer Angels?
The thesis for Killer Angels is that the American Civil War was a turning point in the history of the United States. The novel tells the story of the battle of Gettysburg from the perspective of the soldiers who fought there, and it argues that the war was a pivotal moment in the nation's history. The novel also explores the themes of honor, duty, and sacrifice, and it examines the different ways that the soldiers experienced the war.
What is the theme of Killer Angels?
The theme of Killer Angels is the American Civil War. The novel tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg from the perspective of the soldiers who fought there. The novel focuses on the experiences of the men in the Battle of Gettysburg and the humanity of war.
What is the plot of The Killer Angels?
The Killer Angels tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg from the perspective of both the Confederate and Union soldiers. The novel focuses on the experiences of General Robert E. Lee and his troops as they attempt to take the Union-controlled town of Gettysburg. The Union soldiers, led by General George Meade, are determined to stop the Confederates from reaching their destination. The two sides clash in a series of bloody battles, culminating in a dramatic showdown on the final day of the conflict.
Is The Killer Angels historically accurate?
It is impossible to know exactly what happened during the Battle of Gettysburg. However, The Killer Angels is generally considered to be a very accurate portrayal of the events that took place. Michael Shaara did extensive research in order to write the novel, and he interviewed many people who were involved in the battle.

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