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However, the document does not just serve as a list of misrepresentations and evils done by the King, but it in fact helps to outline an abstract plan of how the people of the colonies should live after secession from the Crown. Jefferson is able to annunciate, within the document, the utter importance of the basic rights all men should have. The Declaration of Independence also helps guide the people away from governments with unchecked power. Jefferson's overarching theme within the document is self- government and he writes with a huge emphasis on State representation.

Basic human rights are some of the most controversial topics that the world has ever seen. The Declaration of Independence is no exception. The principles of the document all deal with basic human rights. Jefferson states the King's inhumane decisions and actions against the rights, we the people, ought to have as human beings. Jefferson states that we all have, "certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Jefferson has incredibly strong feelings about people who try to take away our natural rights and he wants to deter the States from being tuck under a government that does not respect those very rights. Not only as people do we have the privilege to these rights, but we also have the duty to preserve them at any cost. Jefferson's statements within the document help to show his true agenda; to offer a reason to change their society so that the people can be free without misrepresentation. Thomas Jefferson proves the importance of rebelling against absolute monarchs within his writing of The Declaration of Independence.

He writes of how the King used his power for evil instead of good. For instance, Jefferson states, " He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. " The people Of the colonies must stand up to the British Empire at any cost to preserve their liberty and freedom. He puts everything on the table and provides a direction to a system in which States can govern themselves and depend less on a centralized government. Jefferson demands that the people of the colonies are able to live in peace whilst completely represented in terms of taxation, military endeavors, etc.

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Although at times Jefferson's words seem to sound like he has a literal plan of how the colonies should be governed, in fact, it is a philosophy that does not have to be limited to just those who live in the colonies, but any person or people that feel they have been unfairly or unrightfully governed. His words offer a powerful message that any oppressor, whether a single person or a unified government, needs to be dealt with and should never be allowed to continue with wrath. The only way to entirely get rid of tyrannical or corrupt leaders, kings, etc. is to give the majority of the power to each individual state to self-govern.

Jefferson feels above all else that state rights and representation are the most important ideals and values we, as a people, should have. The Declaration of Independence serves as a highly summarized game plan to create a less intrusive and less intensive government that will not unfairly govern the people. The document Serves as a message that the United Colonies are independent and shall govern themselves whether or not the King of Britain agrees. Jefferson demands that States at least have proper representation within a national government if there is to be one.

Though, this document is not merely just a plan for a new government, it also serves as something more: an idea that will fuel freedom and a new beginning for the people. Jefferson uses several different means of getting his point across within The Declaration of Independence. He uses harsh examples of evil actions committed by the tyrannical government of Britain. Another example of Jefferson getting his point across is a brand new future he speaks of as well as hat the States/Colonies could have if they get rid of the British monarch.

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