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To Learn English as an English Teacher

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Omar Alfaro Reyes ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES TO LEARN ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE Why learning English as a second language? Nowadays learning another language is important because it is the most common language in the world, almost 60% people in the world use English regularly. Sometimes people think that learning English is difficult because most of the students can have different difficulties and problems in learning another language for example they make mistakes in their pronunciations, grammar, spelling and vocabulary usage.

However it is worth for the wealth of information and the opportunity to open up for a person, for instance, the use of information and communication by internet or traveling abroad the world, they are two advantages for learning English. Also most of the students think to learn English is difficult because they speak English as speak Spanish or because students have lack vocabulary and they are two disadvantages to learn English as a second language. The ability to speak English fluently opens up a world of information and communication for a person.

Information and communication by internet is a good idea for people or students that can surf in the web sites for looking examples or exercises about grammar for studying more in English. This is the best way for people can study another language, for instance the use of internet will allow them to chat with people from all over the world in chat-room. The second advantage is traveling abroad the world. English is often spoken in other country as a universal language for example Trinidad y Tobago, Puerto Rico and other ones. Knowing English is a great advantage to learn English because they can improve their knowledge in a real way.

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To Learn English as an English Teacher

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A much more serious problem for learners of English is the extent of the vocabulary. People think they can speak English as speak Spanish, this is the reason for a lot of misunderstandings happen when two non-English people talk with each other in English. Sometimes is confused because the people do not practice a lot and they are think that is really difficult. Second problem is that people have lack vocabulary, also for people are really difficult to learn English because they want to communicate but all the time is stressful for do not have a lot of vocabulary. 0% of people in Mexico think that English is really difficult to learn for instances because they do not have feeling for learning English and this are big disadvantages to learn English. In conclusion, the most important thing to do in this situation is to maximize your opportunities: to speak English, and not only speak English also try to practice a lot and try to understand in class and use English whenever possible outside the class. If you follow these rules, you will not have problems to learn a second language.

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