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Briar's Hunt Author: Gary Paulsen Protagonist: The protagonist In this story Is Brian himself. He Is about 16 years old. He is a very strong and spirited person. He has many obstacles come his way but his bravery helps him overcome the obstacles. Once he was rescued he decides he wants to pack his bags and go back out the Canadian forest and live for a month or so. Antagonist: Later in the story the bear becomes the antagonist. The bear has killed a family who Brian knows and three of those family members were killed.

Brian found out that this was a giant, 500 pound bear who did this. He also knew that on its front right paw it was missing a toenail and that it had giant footsteps. This is how he tracked the bear, which Is one of its weaknesses. Also If Brian can get a clear shot on the bear, then the bear would be dead or at least hurt. Another weakness Is that this bear Is huge so It Is very lazy. Plot: explosion: There Is only one mall character In the book his name Is Brian. Brian was Like on Journey to go find his Indian friend Susan. At the beginning of the book,

Brian is walking around the woods. The setting changes maybe a couple times during the book. In some parts of the book he is going down the river in his canoe-The situation Brian is in is that he comes back to the woods. Because he knows he won't be happy in society. Rising action: In Briar's Hunt, the rising action occurs as Brian arrives on the island, he finds things out of order. Then he comes across the cabin that was destroyed by the bear. The rising action is the fear brought on by the bear and it makes a sense of fear come to you and wonder is going to happen.

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It also s the point when the focus of the book changes from finding friends to a life or death survival situation. Climax: Brian follows his Instincts to head north. He finds that they have been attacked by a bear over 500 pounds. He finds the mother and father, along with 3 dogs dead from the bear attack. Brian finds Susan along the shore dragging a canoe. He noticed the scratches and bites on her from the bear. Falling action: Brian and Susan call the authorities. They pick up Susan and take her to her aunt and uncle's house. Brian sets out to find the bear. The bear was hunting

Brian and attacked him, he grabbed two arrows and stuck them in the bear, which later resulted in the bear's death. Resolution: Brian goes out and starts looking for the bear that killed Suntan's family and that injured the dog. He goes and sets out like traps to catch the beat. After like hours of waiting he then sees the bear. He goes running after the bear he starts throwing arrows at him. Then he goes face to face with bear and he stabs the bear right in the chest and kills the bear. Setting: The story takes place In the wilderness of Canada. Let takes place near the five lakes.

It Is also far, far away from civilization. Conflict: the conflict Is man vs... Nature. Brian vs... The Bear. It pits Brian against the bear that killed his friends, and Is brutal and aggressive. Brian defeats the bear in this conflict with a two arrow shots into the dog begins to lick his face and he realizes that the bear had landed on him. Theme: The theme of the story is in the remote Canadian forest with streams,and rivers,and lakes. He is completely alone with no civilization with 200 miles. He is basically stranded out there for over month with whatever he carried in there off the plane.

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