Cyber Events That Cause Terror in the Australian Population

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2020
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The cyber events results to too many deaths in the world today. Computers and communication systems are linked together thus making everything else to rely on software and this has paved way to terrorists today. Terrorists organize crime and terror attacks through cyber and the target is increasing towards the Australian government website. Though Australia is a prestigious country, it attracts the attention of the world despite its population.

The cyber threats are directed towards critical infrastructure like water, IT, banking, energy, and finance and communication industries in Australia. Events that causes cyber terror in Australia include cyber malicious messages, bullying where false rumors are spread online which are defaming and offensive content found in the cyberspace (Roberts, 2007). Offensive information is harmful to the population of Australia given that it exposes people to criminal vices. Forgery and plagiarism against intellectual property is another cyber event that terrorizes the Australian population.

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Virus attacks by computer zombies through the internet and unauthorized access on individual’s information is threat-full to the population in Australia. Furthermore, financial losses due to theft of proprietary information from laptops by installing Trojan horse on machines thus enable him to make his attack. The terrorist cyber events include triggering of explosion remotely at a target in the population thus victimizing innocent people in the propinquity of the explosion.

The terrorists use the computers to deliver political threats so as to influence the government of Australia to act in the wrong direction thus destroying property of the public or intimidate the public so that they may start violence (Roberts, 2007). In conclusion, the public should guide their cyber space against viruses, hackers and worms thus protecting themselves against cyber terrorism by use of anti-virus software’s and Norton personal firewall to guide against hackers. References Roberts, L. (2007). ”Crime Online”. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Vol. 40, pp. 1-15

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