Effective Team Management in Diverse Organizations: Importance of Linking Role and Cultural Awareness

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It is important to mention here that there is one common role which is shared by all team members and is known as the Linking Role so that all the different roles are synchronized together to achieve team efficiency. Also if a person is poorly aligned with his or her role then either he will try to adapt to the new work role or move on to a different role altogether. (Charles J. Margerison, 2000) Action Plan As mentioned earlier the importance of effective team management cannot be underestimated in an organization.

This job becomes even more complex when the organization is a large diverse organization, due to which extra precautions need to be taken. After discussing the various theories in the earlier sections, one can give certain recommendations for effective team management for a diverse organization. To start with, mangers have to be careful the team members belonging to different origins are aware of each other’s culture and way of working. This can be done in both formal ways. For example through formal presentations, or through informal ways, like a casual interaction during lunch.

This will help the team members to understand and work better with each other. For example, Americans are more straight forward as compared to Japanese, who like to have detailed and comprehensive discussion about any particular task at hand. Secondly, keeping the Tuckman Group Development Model in mind, one should realize that for a diverse group or team, where mutual trust is at its lowest, surviving through the Storming stage is crucial, therefore an additional effort should be made to assign clear work descriptions.

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In addition, to achieve high performance teams, and keeping in mind the team management model in mind, managers should be aware of the nature and work preferences of their diverse work force so that when assigning team roles they can assign roles which are best aligned with an individual’s interest. This in turn will also increase job commitment and job satisfaction. Lastly, another important factor to consider when managing diverse teams is that different individuals are motivated by different things. Broadly this can be categorized as intrinsic or extrinsic motivation.

For example Asians who are collective n nature can be motivated through family vacations, while this would not particularly suit Americans who are more individualistic in nature. Therefore managers should keep in mind these difference and design Flexible rewards accordingly. As work motivation in my opinion is a key factor to team or organization success. Conclusion In conclusion, I would once again like to point out the sheer importance of effective team handling in organizations, the models presented above although serve as a guideline to managers, they should be altered depending upon the nature of teams. Building trust and corporation among team members although is difficult, it is also vital for their effectiveness.


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