Essays on Wide Sargasso Sea

Essays on Wide Sargasso Sea

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Antoinette: Wide Sargasso Sea

AP Literature 10/29/12 Deriving Antoinette’s Insanity In the novel, Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, one of the main characters goes through emotional chaos. That character’s name is Antoinette. She grew up in Jamaica in a rich family. After her brother Pierre died, her mother …

Wide Sargasso Sea
Words 636
Pages 3
Sandra Drake

Andrea November 17 2010 Race and Caribbean Culture Sandra Drake addresses three issues in her excerpt “Race and Caribbean Culture as Thematic of Liberation in Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea”. First we have the effects of the abolishment of slavery on the ex-slave owners and …

CulturePoliticsWide Sargasso Sea
Words 681
Pages 3
Medea VS Wide Sargasso Sea

1.0            Introduction Rhys’ novel, ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ is an attempt by the novelist to humanize the racially pejorative life of a West Indian mad woman, Antoinette, who, led to lead a tumultuous life by her husband, and under the watchful eyes of a servant, is …

MedeaWide Sargasso Sea
Words 1754
Pages 8
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Critique of Woman as Storyteller in Wide Sargasso Sea

Source Roper, Valerie. Woman as Storyteller in Wide Sargasso Sea. Caribbean Quarterly, 34:1/2 (1988:Mar. /June) p. 19 URL: http://pao. chadwyck. com/PDF/1319462795559. pdf Summary In her article, “Woman as Storyteller in Wide Sargasso Sea” Valerie Roper asserts that Antoinette is much more than just a narrator. …

Wide Sargasso Sea
Words 736
Pages 3
Jean Rhys Wide Sargasso Sea

A child is a reflection of their parents becoming a product of their environment. Childhood is the most crucial stage in life, for this is when a child is most impressionable. What is experienced, felt, and taught is what shapes a child into who they …

AbuseWide Sargasso Sea
Words 1586
Pages 7

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Wide Sargasso Sea is a 1966 novel by Dominican-British author Jean Rhys. The novel serves as a postcolonial and feminist prequel to Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre, describing the background to Mr. Rochester's marriage from the point-of-view of his wife Antoinette Cosway, a Creole heiress.
Originally published

October 1966


Daniel Cosway, Edward Rochester, Christophine, Antoinette Cosway, Annette Cosway


Postmodern novel

Adapted from

Jane Eyre


Set in: Jamaica, Dominica and Thornfield Hall, 1830s–40s


What is the theme of Wide Sargasso Sea?
Wide Sargasso Sea explores themes of power by looking at empires, marriages and slavery. These institutions represent all of the ways that someone or a group can take control over others.
Why Is Wide Sargasso Sea postcolonial?
Wide Sargasso Sea as a work postcolonial fiction captures all the emotions of a society experiencing deep and bitter change. Jean Rhys focuses on the conflict's essence through the story of Antoinette (a Creole heiress) with Edward Rochester, an English suitor.
What is the setting of Wide Sargasso Sea?
Wide Sargasso Sea switches from the lush, tropical Caribbean environment to the harsh, English "Great House". The novel begins in Jamaica at Coulibri Estate, which is near Spanish Town (the former capital of Jamaica).
What is Antoinette's culture?
As a Creole woman of color, she blends the European culture of both her ancestors with the Caribbean culture that she was raised in. Antoinette has always been left to her own devices and finds a peaceful world within which she can find both comfort and terror.

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