Contemporary Issues in Organization Leadership

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The aim of this report is to resolve questions from the case on UPS victorious leadership skills and the career of Jovita Carranza (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2012). What are the major skills Jovita Carranza has demonstrated in her career with UPS that have made her a successful leader? The major skills demonstrated by Carranza in her career with UPS that made her a successful leader included:

  1. Excellent work ethics
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  3. Eagerness to face new challenges she took all the opportunities that came her way.
  4. Teamwork skills. After 30 years of experience with UPS, Carranza is happiest with her teamwork, communication skills and human resource development. She built up willpower, motivation and integrity as she improved the UPS philosophy through people.
  5. Social skills She was proficient in social and communication skills and desired to work along creative people, highly devoted to UPS and showing excellent work ethics.
  6. Eagerness to face fresh challenges She was always ready to face innovative challenges and happily accepted any offer that came her way.

Consider the spiral of experience that Jovita Carranza has traveled. How has her experience affected her ability as a leader? Carranza’s wide experience in various different designations helped her grow to handle greater responsibilities. Her job designations include:

  1. 1976 Part-time clerk in Los Angeles, California
  2. 1985 Workforce Planning Manager in Metro LA
  3.  1987 District HR Manager in Central Texas
  4. 1991 Operations Manager of a hub Illinois, and then Miami (1993)
  5. 1999 President of Americas Region
  6. Right now, VP for Operations in Kentucky

This wide variety of work experience provided her a deeper insight into job responsibilities of every designation, from a junior clerk to a senior executive. This insight helped her to expand her leadership skills to manage the entire organization through optimal teamwork, coordination and human resource development. She sharpened her expertise to communicate in both the formal and informal clichés, coordinating with the wide range of groups in the organization. She gained an understanding of numerous technical processes and in the appropriate use of UPS resources to improve the constructive processes of the organization. She enhanced her motivation, perseverance and integrity to make UPS successful. She grew her leadership skills to be well informed, intelligent, adaptable and motivational.

Take a look at the characteristics of successful leaders (see below). How many of these are demonstrated by Jovita Carranza? Explain. Characteristics of successful leaders. Skill to be flexible and adaptive. She has displayed a capacity to be flexible and adjust to different situations as they came her way. She was effective in wide variety of positions and grew her expertise to lead more intense and complicated processes.Skill to establish mutual relations, During her various managerial positions, she became skilled developing good mutual relations Skill to develop and command a team. She has the skill to communicate well with groups and manages to move within the groups of individuals having excellent work ethics and showing loyalty to UPS. With about 30 years of work experience at UPS, Carranza finds her teamwork, communication and human resource development as her highest achievements. Non-authoritarian.

Carranza directs through communication and has a belief that creativity at UPS is developed by the UPS work environment and its employees. Leadership is more of a mutual communication than a senior party rule and Carranza personifies as the most effective non-authoritarian leader who manages to get the best of her abilities and her workers as well and brings out the best work culture and excellent customer care possible. Uniform brilliant performance. Carranza’s evolutionary successes got her promotions by UPS to become the president of America’s region and then to become the Vice President of UPS air operations. Carranza displays excellent work ethics and a strong loyalty to UPS. She was willing to benefit herself from any opportunity that UPS had to offer her. UPS also showed a responsibility towards her and all their employees by consistent teaching and training. Conclusion

In this article, I responded to the queries about the UPS case of effective leadership skills and the exemplary career of Jovita Carranza (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2012). Her career is a commendable model of a woman who began her career as a junior clerk and worked her way to become the senior most executive of the company using her leadership skills.


  1. Hughes, R.L., Ginnett, R.C., & Curphy, G.J. (2012). Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 9780078112652.

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