Contaminated Soil Remediation Industry

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Base on abundant first-hand survey data, Research and Forecast of Contaminated Soil Remediation Industry in China, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes the following content: the current development status and existed problems of contaminated soil remediation industry. ; the whole contaminated soil remediation market and its segmentations. ; the leading enterprises both in China and in overseas investment prospects and risk controls.

In recent years, as the process of industrialization accelerated, intensified irrational exploitation of mineral resources and the emission in smelting process, long-lasting irrigation with polluted water and the application of sewage sludge, atmospheric deposition triggered by human activities, the using of chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides have all severely aggravated the soil contamination. According to the results of national contaminated soil investigation, by far there are about 1 50 million mum (one Mum equals to 667 square meters) arable lands that being contaminated, accounting for 8. % of the total 1. 8 billion mum arable lands. In 2013 January, General Office of the State Council of China has published Circular Concerning Recent Work Arrangement of Soil Environmental Protection and the Comprehensive Management, which is about to launch pilot demonstration of contaminated soil management and remediation and attaches much attention to the surroundings of the large and medium-sized cities, the key prevention areas that susceptible to heavy metal contamination, as well as the concentrated drinkable water sources and its surroundings.

Contaminated soil remediation market includes contaminated sites remediation, contaminated mine-land remediation and contaminated arable lands remediation. Due to the acceleration of process of China's arbitration, the previous chemical engineering enterprises and mining enterprises have moved from the central to the suburb areas. And the demand of contaminated sites remediation has increased. According to the statistics made by Chinese Environmental Remediation Website, now there are 42 sites that under the risk of being contaminated, in which 13 sites were reanimated, 11 sites are about to be reanimated and 16 sites were moved out.

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At present there are more than 200 sites in whole China that need to be moved out. And the average fund that required for the mediation of one site is around CCNY 100 million to CCNY 2 million. Assuming that only take the known sites under consideration, the remediation of the site that ready to be reanimated and sites that have been already moved out will be finished within two years. And the remediation of the sites that ready to be moved out will be finished within 3 to 5 years, the average fund that needed of each is CCNY 150 million.

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