Communication within the Organization

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Disney Company designed a Corporate Governance Guidelines wherein every member of the company is hold accountable to their duty and performance. In a very organized way, Disney has devised codes of conduct for directors, and ordinary employee and staff of the company (The Walt Disney Company). For the directors, they are to represent the interests of the shareholders of The Walt Disney Company; exhibit high standards of integrity, commitment and independence of thought and judgment; dedicate sufficient time, energy and attention to ensure the diligent performance of his or her duties; and comply with every provision of this Code

The company, on the other hand, provides guidelines for the staff to maintain and preserve the culture and values of the company as stated above through observance of standards of business conduct which are given during trainings at Business Conduct Training Center. In much training that is provided, they explain that it is mandatory to maintain ethical standards of “integrity, honesty, trust, respect, fair play and teamwork” (The Walt Disney Company) among the employees.

In the same way, the company also “provides equal opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal law” (The Walt Disney Company). Thus, Disney Company creates an environment free of any form of discriminations which are rampant in many companies around the world; everyone in the company from the superiors down to the ordinary staff or crew are held accountable for any misconduct; everyone knows how they can contribute to the vision of the company.

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That is basically a good environment in a workplace wherein everyone finds his/her importance and proving it without hesitation or fear of manipulation or politicking. Communication within the Organization Communication within an organization is very important to cultivate high performance among every employee by which every one could interact effectively to direct specific actions to be done for the achievement of organizational goals.

Communication therefore can help improve the quality of work of every employee. Communication could be classified as upward, downward, sideward and outside communications. Upward communication is communication being done to superiors in the company, while downward communication is sending messages to subordinates; sideward communication is communication with co-employee of same level or position; and, outside communications are communications done outside the company usually clients, or customers, etc.

In the case of Disney Company, as stated in their Business Standard Ethics, the company communications frequently “highlight business initiatives and strategy, employee recognition, work-life assistance, volunteerism opportunities, business conduct and ethics practices and social responsibility practices” (The Walt Disney Company).

The company is proud to tell the world that they are able to manage 50,000 employees with complete retention despite that this is the “nation’s largest single site employer” (Disney Institute). The Walt Disney World Resort is “recognized as a leader in people management and an employer of choice” (Disney Institute); this only proves how effective is the use of communication in this company.

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