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Communication Within Workplace

What is means by communication actually? Communications define as process of interchange of information that mainly included sending and receiving process. What is means by a successful communication? When sending a message there are kind of barriers can be interrupt, that disturb overall the communication structure, by solving the problems and finally receiving message in proper manner, than it is become a successful communication.

In this research I am going identify the main purposes of communication, find out the characteristics of an organization’s structure, analyses the impact of the organization structure on how communication occurs and on its effectiveness and changes in organizational structures.

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In the same time, I will study on the barriers of communication in my workplace. Finally find out the way avoid the barriers to improve commutation, and the problem solving ways to have beautiful standard communication structure within my workplace.

Research Question: 1. What are the benefits or purpose of communication within a workplace? 2. What is the structure of communication that should be have in a workplace and don’t have in my workplace? 3. What are the barriers of communication within workplace? 4. How to adopt the proper communication structure?

5. Who should be taking responsible to a successful communication in a workplace, who will be benefited by this proper channel? 6. What kind of communication should be have, depend on situation? 7. What is Different of current communication system and the communication should be adopted? 8. How to overcome the barriers to improve communication my workplace?

Research Objective: The objective of this research is analysis the overall communication benefits and the barriers that make brake down of communication and also the ways of solving barriers within my workplace.

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