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Communication Management

Sometimes we want to be everything to everyone and most of the times we figure that it is impossible to be perfect in the eyes of family, friends, and especially employers. Many times we questioned and judged the way people in management handled situations or themselves. When a mini crisis hits the office, most managers are simply reacting to the situation and have not worked or prepared on proactive steps to avoid such mini-daily crisis.

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The role of managers comes in three flavors, interpersonal, informational and decisional roles.

Sometimes with the help of a mentor (s) we can developed all three, but in most cases we find ourselves being good at one or even two, but we are rarely good at all three. Managers that show great skill in the interpersonal role category have the ability to be a liaison between the company and the many contacts outside the company that can help the business grow, become successful or even get out of bankruptcy like in the case of Chrysler. Most of the managers in this category can be seen as a figurehead that simply performs ceremonial duties (James O’Rourke.

IV 2013) I honestly have no way to compare this or any type of management style outside my home. I have never been a manager and that would be my greatest weakness in these particular roles. I know that I am capable of representing my family and employer with great pride, as I charter the rough waters and issues, as they come. But, I know that I work hard at planning and being proactive. I am a person that does not let the current crisis take over my life. It takes time to plan and adjust to new situations, and at the end it always pays off to be proactive.

If you do prepare for the worse, hoping for the best, you will always be somewhere in the middle and I am good with that. Informational role managers have the ability to collect, analyze and disseminate many kinds of information (James O’Rourke, IV 2013. ) This is who I would consider to be the floor manager. They are constantly moving information among all immediate employees or family member in my case. This would be the manager role I fit into at this point in time within my family group. I am able to the pinpoint the problem and solution to the problem in rder to bring the group together and accomplished our long-term goals. I spend most of the time making sure all parties involved are able to see the issues from another perspective.

I can help them reached an agreement on their own without any of the parties feeling as if they did not get what they wanted out of the deal. The last management role is that of the decisional in which the manager finds him or herself determining who gets what resources, how much, when and why (James O’Rourke, IV 2013. ) This manager also act as a negotiator to those with whom he or she deals on a daily basis (James O’Rourke, IV 2013. I think I fit this description well but again with no prior experience it is very hard to determine where you fit or where you do not fit as a manager. I may have some traits or be able to develop others with the help of the right person as my mentor, but as of right now it would be very hard to say what I could do in any specific situation that calls for a hard decision that may impact any other persons career and life in anyway. It is easy to access ones traits and skills at any point in time, but during a crisis our instinct may take or make a different decision than that of what we are on paper.

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