What is meant by the term Communication Management

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Communication Management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and alteration of all the channels of administration within an administration, and between administrations ; it besides includes the administration and airing of new communicating directives connected with an administration, web, or communications engineering. ( Tripathi, 2009 )

However, what is direction? How to pull off?

Management is including be aftering, organizing, taking and commanding. Directors should utilize these characteristics to pull off their employees. Furthermore, directors should depend on their employees ' features to put up end and offer undertakings to them.

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Aim of Communication Management Project

The purposes of Communication Management undertaking are through the group work to construct up the squad work and develop up leading accomplishment. Furthermore, it helps us bettering the communicating accomplishment with our group mates.

This essay would be divided in 3 parts, the 1st portion is my function - Ad and Public Relations Manager, the 2nd portion is our group civilization and managing this group, and the 3rd portion is self - acquisition.

I am an Ad & A ; PR director in the group ; respond to the publicities of the Reader 's Digest, such as the publicity encouragement, advertisement design, Press Conference of the Reader 's Digest and PR event which could pull the general populace 's consciousness.

Troubles are confronting

As Reader 's Digest is an enlightening magazine, it includes a batch of utile information in different classs, wellness, travel, planetary job, more and more. When making the publicities that is really hard to me, because of I need to considerate of the image of the magazine, every bit good as there are a few magazines advertised on others magazines or newspaper. This is a rather hard inquiry to me.

Topographic point

We have divided into 3 sub-groups, Isaac and I respond to the publicity and topographic point of 4P. We need to considerate the placing of our magazine. How to spread out our retail merchant stores and what companies we should co-operate with. These inquiries are rather hard to do the determination. Sometimes, we can non recognize which topographic points should we be placed. I tried to name 7-eleven to acquire the most accuracy monetary value of `` a?S?z¶e?» '' , the interesting thing is when I call the hotline, the respondent of that section asked me which magazine we are, I told her Reader 's Digest in English, so she is seemly non understand, and inquire me where we are selling.


We merely advertise on a few topographic points, we chiefly focus on the MTR, such as MTR - train organic structure, publicity encouragement. Though we have a MTR rate-card, I still really confused on their monetary value, I can non easy to understand what they are mentioned in the rate-card.

For the Press Conference and the PR event - Top Brand Election in Hong Kong, I pretend as the employee of the Reader 's Digest, and name the shopping promenades, which are THE ONE and Isquare, and the hotels. They give me the inside informations of the floor program and the rate card. That is rather practical experience, if I will be a PR in the hereafter ; I besides need to pass on with them.

Pull offing group couples

All of us came from different colleges and holding different background. All of us holding different advantages and disadvantages, being a concealed leader of this group, I try to pull off them by different direction theories I had been learnt before.

I have utilizing different direction theories to pull off my group mates, such as Maslow 's Needs Hierarchy, Theory X and Theory Y by McGregor, outlook theory.

At the beginning, I have assumed they are employees of Theory X ; they need tonss of regulations to curtail them to work, guarantee that they can manus in their work on clip and no alibi of late and absent. When I realize them more, I try to utilize Maslow 's Needs Hierarchy to actuate them to work and McGregor 's Theory Y to delegate some undertakings to them.

As I think that they merely want to complete the Bachelor grade merely, I have spared some clip of the meeting to speak about after this twelvemonth what is our mark and my outlook to them. I would wish to promote them to believe about their hereafter and set more and more attempt on the undertaking.

Follower Readiness

The above tabular array could be easy to explicate their characteristics. Eliza is R1, when I assigned her undertakings ; she could complete the undertakings in short period of clip and high quality work.

Winnie is R2, I think she could complete her undertaking in a better manner, nevertheless, she might be excessively busy, and she could complete those undertakings in short clip, the plants were low quality, such as grammar errors and wrong data format. After we had 360 - Degree Feedback, she is bettering her working attitude and her public presentation.

Isaac and Heidi are R3. They might non hold adequate accomplishments, such as Heidi did non cognize how to do content page, but she still tries to work on. On the other manus, Isaac has ever made a batch of grammar errors ; he still works difficult on his undertaking.

Bonnie is R4, she is unable and unwilling to complete her undertakings. During the meeting, she was non concentrated on what we were discussed, furthermore, she absent the category and meeting. Furthermore, her English is non good at all, when she wrote the PAC, we had found tonss of errors and some `` unusual sentence '' . We asked her to rectify by herself, nevertheless, she told us her English grammar was non good, she might non rectify them. Furthermore, she was non willing to make a batch of undertaking work, she was ever ailment that would be increased her work load.

After a few hebdomads, I talked with her on phone ; she had explained what happened recently, such as relationship with friends, working job. She promised me she would public presentation good in the `` subsequently '' meeting and work. And now, Bonnie is become to R3: unable and willing.


My feature is care others experiencing, I try to recognize them more. I had called or direct short message ( SMS ) to them when I have clip. To recognize them what they are believing and give them support, allow them cognize he/ she is non entirely, I will seek to work out their job or give them some sentiments when they are confronting troubles.


During group meeting and the group work, we have misconstruing between our group mates. We have a short meeting which is about 360 - Degree Feedback, in that meeting ; we talked about the feeling of co-operated with our group mates. Since that meeting, I can recognize them more. I think that is effectual to co-operate with them.


Besides, the award in our understanding, I besides praise them when they are willing to discourse during the meeting which make them to maintain on. In order to direct electronic mails to commend them.

Furthermore, I have assigned them the work which is a spot higher than they could make. They might acquire the enthusiastic in the undertaking every bit good as feel of import in our group.

Group Culture

Our group civilization is friendly. We are ever holding merriment during the meeting. Particularly, Isaac and Heidi ever make some merriment during the meeting, such as they are stating the gags, making some interesting thoughts. Such as Heidi said our penalty of late entry should dress as a coney lady. Furthermore, as Heidi is populating in Siu Sai Wan, we call her rich miss. Eliza and I ever give Heidi new name. And Isaac pretend some Hong Kong Pop Star, such as Bosco Wong, Andy Lau, we offer him a platform to him demoing off himself. Bonnie and Winnie are quiet. But sometimes they give us amusing thoughts which make all of us laugh.

We are besides task oriented. We came from different background. 6 of us studied at different colleges. When we are co-operate first assignment, I found that our working manner are really different. When manages different background group mates, I have different outlook to them.

Therefore, I set different grade mark to them. For illustration, I set the easiest end to Bonnie, as Bonnie studied Fashion Design two old ages ago, she could non manage tonss and tonss of paper work. Therefore, I have set the easiest end to her ; she might experience she is of import in order to carry through esteem demands of Maslow 's Hierarchy of demands.

However, I realize that Eliza could manage the hard undertakings ; she is typical theory Y employer.

Besides, puting different end to different people, we are required them to manus in their work on clip, such as minute and docket. All penalty of late entry would be followed by PAC.

The first 5meetings, dead air were ever happened. Everyone seems waiting for person to do determinations, excludes Eliza and I. Both of us were ever given out the thoughts and promote them to show their thoughts. However, they still maintain silence.

In the 6th meeting, Eliza and I had told them what our outlooks to them. Get downing from that meeting, Isaac, Heidi and Winnie are willing to show their thoughts to us. We are ever doing gags during our meeting. Our ambiance of meeting is going closer and going best friends.

This undertaking is a existent life rehearsing. Not merely taking of the minute and composing the docket, but besides the existent practise of covering with crisis and pull offing staff. Reader 's Digest gross revenues lessening which about our Hong Kong civilization is altering. To maintain the company alive and growing, selling director should see about the SWOT and how to work out them out.

This undertaking is rather hard, there is no guideline and every group has different subject. It is similar with the existent life state of affairs, no 1 Tell you what is right and incorrect, we need to make a batch of readyings to work out the job, which are marketing research, focal point group and analysis information we found in the research, and think about those methods are possible or non.

Furthermore, we need to considerate the thing which around us. Since this undertaking, I have found that I still have a batch of . Those include I may non cognize the existent state of affairs that I could non do the determination instantly.

This undertaking gives me an chance to pull off people. Everyone has their ain function ; they need to react to our group, it is similar to work in a company, people should react to their ain section and their undertaking.

Actually, I do non truly believe I am a good leader. As I mentioned on above I could non do determination instantly which I truly do non cognize the existent state of affairs. I still seek my best to work on my function.

The word - `` decentalisation '' is a suited word to depict my managing manner. My function of this group is stating them what is our way and discourse what should we make. I ever give them opportunities to show their thought. Because of this undertaking is owned by us and I hope that they can bask this class.

That is really of import during in this undertaking. We had some misunderstood caused by communicating method. There were some barriers noises to upset our communicating, such as bad attitude and worse communicating accomplishment, it is non merely affected our communicating, but besides affected the consequence and cut down our effectivity and efficiency.

In 360 - Degree Feedback, Winnie had ailment that we ever ban thoughts excessively fast, which make them non weather plenty to show their thoughts. Her suggestions make me to concern about others ' feeling and seek to allow others show their thoughts foremost, it could do them to be easier accept.

Therefore, I have learnt to maintain a good attitude and seek to speak to that individual. It might effectual to cut down the job happened. No affair which occupation I will be, holding a good attitude and good communicating accomplishment it could assist us to hold a good public presentation in work.

Time Management

Since start this programme, I have learnt how to pull off my clip in the best manner. Demuring this class, we have other class prep. We need to manus it on clip. However, we have limited clip to complete them that is non easy for us to make so. Therefore, we control our meeting clip in fit clip. It is similar with the existent universe. We have an of import undertaking we need to manage ; nevertheless, we have dozens of work demand to complete. If we do non a good clip direction accomplishment which it hard to complete all the work at the same clip.


During this undertaking, I have learnt a batch such as rehearsing the Management Theory in our group. Those theoretical accounts are really utile when I need to delegate work to them and give them non- profitable award. Because of those theoretical accounts make me more and more peoples ' demands.

Actually, I had been told outlook to all our group mates. I hope that they could be growing, during or after they finish this undertaking. I am so glad that seeing Bonnie has a large alteration in this undertaking. Her  has increased more and more. She will bespeak undertaking to complete during the meeting.

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