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How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

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As human beings, we should always act in a manner that people will remember us for the good things we do and the legacy we live leave behind. When we die, our deeds live after us whether they are good or bad. Therefore, we should have it at the back of our mind that we are making history by what we are doing presently.

Consequently, I live my life, bearing it in mind that what I am doing someday will be used as a measure for judging me. Therefore, if asked how I would like to be remembered, what I will say is enumerated below.

First of all I would like to be remembered as an individual with sound ethical values and principles and does not compromise them no matter what the circumstance may be. Also, fairness is a characteristic that I would love to be recognized for.

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Personally, I have always strove to be fair with others and to recognize my mistakes while learning from them. In addition to this, I would like to be remembered as a person who respects others as much as respects himself. As a child, I have developed some values from my family to treat everybody with respect whether I agree with them or not.

Furthermore, in my profession, I would love to be remembered to be a hardworking professional who always strives and ensures that she maximises his potentials in order to bring the best outcomes in his work.

I believe that a leader should be a visionary and so I would like to be remembered as a leader with a vision and passion for his personal and professional life. Apart from these, I would like to be remembered as a team player and as someone with good organizational skills and critical thinking. This is because I consider these to be very important qualities that I would like to stigmatize my name.

Summarily, I would love to be like to be remembered as person who is always keen and open to correction, always ready and eager to learn. I want to be remembered for the good that I have lived to do and to be remembered for the good and reputable name which I have built.

Why is the Cambridge MBA right for you?

From my consideration, I submit that in any profession, people need to seek out additional knowledge in their field of study and broaden their horizon with the wealth of information available to diligent learners. Lifelong learning for me is a prerequisite of becoming a successful professional.

In my quest for my professional development, I discovered my interest and attraction to the field of business and finance, having come from a professional and academic Engineering background. At this stage in my life, I have decided to augment my knowledge in the field of business and finance.

I strongly believe that this is the most appropriate time for me to devote myself to making the next step in my professional development. This has made me consider many universities and programmes and later deciding to apply to the Cambridge MBA. I highlight the reasons that informed my decision below.

As an institution of learning, Cambridge MBA is one of the best so I will acquire a sound knowledge for the purpose achieving the best results for my future career goals. Apart from this, I made the decision because I want to enter dynamically into the financial and investment field.

Also, I want to be part of success considering the fact that Judge Business School has built a respectable name in the world of commerce and I consider this to be a great success for the institution. I see this to be a great opportunity for my future career as a student of this programme to be a prospective recruit for top-tier companies.

Cambridge MBA provides me with the opportunity to specialize in the real estate through the Electives and Consulting Projects. So far, I have learned that to attain greatness in one’s personal and/or professional life, one must work hard. Needless to say, challenges are opportunities created to develop one personally and professionally.

Experience has taught me the importance of making concise decisions and at the same time, being able to view issues from different perspectives in order to achieve the best result. I believe the Cambridge MBA can reinforce such qualities.

In conclusion, I believe the competition and intensity of the program will serve as a great opportunity in improving my managerial and leadership skills, which are necessary for an advanced career. I consider that such knowledge, as the one that I will gain from this programme, is vital in pursuing my goals.

How Would You Like to Be Remembered? essay

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