Command Economy Critique Essay

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Recently, over this summer there has been hundreds of children who have illegally entered the United States from Central and South America. They snuck here because a lot of their parents sent them here in search off much safer life with more opportunity ahead of them instead of being under a gruesome government control over in there home country.

I believe they should be sent back to their country because, these kids could potentially be a liar and or a threat to our countries safety, and it is unconstitutional to make exceptions for anyone that doesn't bide by the law, especially if they're not a United States citizen, that entered the U. S illegally. Unfortunately, no matter how bad any kid could've had it in a South American country, we ultimately can not trust there word because nobody's word is just completely reliable, they could be lying and be someone completely different then what they're telling us whether they are a kid or not.

Without undeniable proof that they really did come here to escape their country, then we have too assume they're lying in order to ensure the safety to our fellow American citizens. Furthermore, even If they have proof that they really did come to our country seeking help and opportunity, they still would have to go through the Immolation and citizenship gaining process Just like everyone else who has and wants to migrate too the United States to become a citizen.

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Therefore to sum It up, there may be many kids who want and need help that came here from their troubled country, but we as a country can not put ourselves In danger as a whole for people from somewhere else. America has their own problems to worry about and exceptions can not and should not be made for people who could be potential threats to our country.

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