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Combating Juvenile Delinquency

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These programs are the most recent ones in which as been around since 1901 to 1983 . There's two programs in which I look for has being able to geared on a straight path for success. Both are similar around the same action being pointed out for understanding in others viewpoint that take on with In a community that makes It stay in a clean community.

The programs are the BSP and D. A. R. E. Programs that has taught our kids success from personal experience and from strict up bring Instead of spearing the rod rules. The BSP stands for The Big Brothers Big Sister Programs which is geared around families needs that helps to instill children who needs help focusing in living arrangements raising up on a not so good area neighborhood or just need that guide to achieve a goal in general with in the community. Dealing with problems with family incarceration.

The kids age group are from 6-18 years of age. The BBS programs are models shown one-to-one relationship. The most that are active in the immunity are Community-based mentoring school, Mentoring children of prisoners, being able to build blocks health children Initiative. Another program is the D. A. R. E program that stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education that's been around since 1983 It works with in 43 countries around the world. The D. A . R. E programs age starts form preponderating to the 12th grade.

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The police educators teach with In a class room setting, by which teaching kids ways to avoid outsides trying to drift them away to drugs gangs, and violence. The performance an clean and better life structure. The main sociological theory shown tit in two programs above shows teaching and educate kids to stay on the good path to keep a good community, stop the crime form occurring in the society, is the Theory Institutions Anomie Theory which Steven Messier and Richard Responded presented o the Marten's. Propose an idea that would improve the community would be to having better information about different way in which families work on keeping kids in more extra activities. Such as being able to teach with out hold low standers on their children. Be able to work with more educated adults that truly care of the well being of other regardless of their background. In the community have the church's step up and be more concise with trying to put forth more resource an time an money alone with outsource programs to encourage families an friends to educate instead of discriminate toward others.

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