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Columbus vs Smith

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John Smith, and William Bradford had many stories to tell during their explorations of the new world. Their depictions of the new world were seemingly different and each explorer possessed an ego that worked both as a strength and as a weakness to their determination of exploration. Each explorer seemed to use hyperbole and embellishment to glorify their own accomplishments. Columbus' letters emotionally differ from the first to the fourth letter in almost a usually depressing manner.

His first letter shows an explorer filled with an emotional high seeking to gain riches and fame, describing each illustrious detail of his experience as elaborate as possible. Words that seem to sell the newly discovered lands in such a depiction that would make his fame and rewards seem inevitable. This description is far different than his last letter which his words show an aged explorer seeking to save his reputation and seeking to Just ride away in the unset and live peacefully for the remainder of his life.

It seems that he is taking a polite path in which to illustrate to the Monarchs the sacrifices that were made and the lives lost to achieve the goals of seeking the new world. William Bradford writings illustrated a separatist group of great faith and determination to seek new land free from religious persecution. It is apparent that his writings show the strength of the pilgrims' faith thru despair and perils.

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Columbus vs Smith

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He seems to have an underlying motive that speaks of strong faith amongst his fellow pilgrims that depicts a picture of their key to survival, a sentiment that would have flown in the face of the Church of England. Based on John Smith's writings, he had somewhat of a different Interpretation and description of his new found experiences. The words he chose to describe the new world seemed to be as Illustrious as the others except when describing Native Americans. His writings of his exploration experiences seemed to have a motive of power and monetary gain.

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