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Frisco High 2009 Coffeehouse: A Night in Manhattan The director of the Frisco High choir is Tracy Bradstreet. During the performance, I didn’t see her direct the choir while they were singing. All the songs were in English. The whole performance was a Broadway theme.

The choir overall was really good; the acting was nice. Although, the guys need to project their voices more. They’re too quiet and too shy!! I think that everyone needs to open their mouths more wide so we can actually understand what they’re saying.During the concert, there were a lot of solo performances. In the song Vanilla Ice Cream from She Loves Me, Elison Willis was the soloist. She was awesome, and so was Kenneth West when he sang A Heart Full Of Love from Les Miserables along with Allison Behne and Rebecca Carrington. Allison Behne sang On My Own from Les Miserables.

I absolutely love her voice. Her vibrato is awesome! She can’t really sing the high notes though. Bring Him Home from Les Miserables was sung by Alex Nelson. At the beginning of the song, he looked kind of scared.Although, he has a nice voice, very strong; great vibrato. L. O.

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V. E. was performed by Shachi Merchant. His dance was awesome! But he needs to sing louder; I could barely hear him even with the microphone. Heather Caton sang Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. She was a little late for some parts; slow and fast here and there. I kind of heard a few flats.

The ending was good, though. Pioneer Heritage Middle School Show Choir sang a song called It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.The guys (even though there was only three of them, all the more reason) need to sing louder!! They got to project their voice more. Half of the time, they sang faster than what the CD played. Near the end of the first Act, the Frisco choir sang a medley of Wicked the Broadway musical. All choirs (excluding PHMS) sang No One Mourns the Wicked. One word: wow.

They sound so totally awesome when they all sing together! The guys could still sing a little louder though. Next, two girls (Meghan Horstdaniel and Nicole Hathaway) sang What Is This Feeling.They need to add more feeling into that song because during that song, Elphaba and Galinda show how much they loathe each other. It felt like Meghan and Nicole didn’t add a lot of hatred towards their enemy character. In the song Popular, Ashley Romo was the soloist. She had a really pretty voice. But the choir sang too fast when they sang “you…will…be…” It just didn’t match the music.

Dancing Through Life had two soloists: Taylor Duke and Frank Rosamond. Frank was really good with his solo.On the other hand, Taylor was okay. The choir rocked hard, though. Plus their dancing. Choir sang the song For Good and it was totally awesome! The last song they sang before intermission was Defying Gravity. The soloist, Jourdan Kolb had a pretty voice! Choir was great, once again and the ending of the song was magnifique! I wasn’t able to stay for the whole concert; just only the first Act.

Overall though, Act I was really funny. They had cool props, but too many feedbacks with the microphone. They need to fix that.

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