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Most of coffee growing countries in East Africa and southern America export their coffee beans after dehusking due to lack technology and capital to roast and process the product. This results in low market price and farmers receive peanuts from the crop. Establishing a roasting factory can transform the coffee industry in these countries to be more profitable and farmer can be properly paid for the amount produced. The products will sold both local and exported to expand the market for the commodity

Objectives: to improve the quality of coffee exported and ensure farmer gets high returns on amount produced. Encourage local consumption by producing affordable coffee brands.

Coffee roasting in these countries has not developed and they rely on exporting green beans which are not processed. This situation allows exploitation by company that processes the product by buying at low prices and later sells to the processed coffee to them at high prices. Setting up this kind of business will reverse the situation to improve the coffee industry and farmers enjoy the fruits of their work. I want to be part of this change process and end this exploitation by people who imports the green coffee and they greatly benefit from products they process.

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This business is very viable since coffee beans to be processed are ready available thus setting should be centrally located to local pulping factories available.  There are no other factories of this type thus all coffee producers will accept the factory and support it. market needs to be accomplished are further processing of coffee, improve the quality of the product export to earn high prices in international market and increase the coffee consumption locally by producing ready coffee which can be bought at affordable price. This is a common problem in all coffee producing areas such that the co-operatives society which market the coffee beans are subjected to explain how the product is not earning enough money to support. Read about Doughnut Industry

Organization Structure

The ownership of this factory will be by all individual coffee pulping factories with equal rights forming a co-operative society which will finance purchasing of the equipment and managing the daily activities. Board of governor will be elected by the members who are representatives of individual factories to run the factory. The manager will be selected through merit after meeting the qualifications desired. The supervisors will oversee the daily activities in their section and report to the manager.

For this factory to be operational, the site should be spacious to allow room for construction of warehouses and setting up the roasting machines. The processing system will include reception area, cleaning section, roasting section, cooling section, grinding section, packaging section and waste disposal area. The personnel will consist of engineers well equipped with coffee roasting technology supported by machine operators and other junior staff.


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