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The Environmental Management System of Starbucks Coffee

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  1. Background of the company

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`` Starbucks Coffee is the figure one purveyor of java in the universe. Starbucks Coffee is an American planetary java company and cafe concatenation based in Seattle, Washington. Furthermore, Starbucks Company is the largest cafe company in the universe in front of Costa Coffee, with 20,737 shops worldwide. Howard Schultz, the Chairman and CEO of Starbucks `` . With what stated supra, Howard is really seeking to do Starbucks a 2nd place in our day-to-day lives. That is why, they are seeking to convey ‘family’ into the image whereby people of all ages can come to Starbucks and bask themselves. Starbucks started their first shop in 1971 opened in Seattle, Washington. Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker got the thought from Alfred Peet of opening Starbucks java shop. Starbucks is now presenting a healthier option of nutrient and drinks for kids. Therefore, working parents can now bask their cup of java while making their work without worrying about what nutrient and imbibe their kids can devour. Furthermore, with a household construct it excessively can construct a closer relationship between households.

  1. Introduction to the services / merchandises of the company

Starbucks is really peculiar about run intoing all their customers’ demands. The environment of their mercantile establishment is good equipped from friendly staff, a comfortable topographic point to loosen up to bask a good cup of java with your loved 1s and non to advert good Wi-Fi. Thus, working parents can come to Starbucks and make their work without experiencing stressed out. All in all, Starbucks is the perfect topographic point for households to dine in. In add-on, Starbucks serve both hot and cold drinks, whole-bean java, micro-ground instant java, full-leaf teas and besides bites. Most Starbucks shops besides sell pre-packaged nutrient points, hot and cold sandwiches, and points such as mugs and tumblers. Since 1987, Starbucks had opened an norm of two new shops every twenty-four hours and had been profitable as local company in early 1980s. In add-on the shop ab initio sold merely coffee beans and java devising equipment instead than the drinks they had become celebrated presents. Starbucks is besides celebrated for holding good services and serve good quality of java. Furthermore, Starbucks besides introduced the new drive-thru construct shops with consistence in sort so that clients have the option to bask their favourite java on the spell, or at the shop should they prefer to stretch their legs and relax.

  1. Designation of the possible environmental impacts that possibly caused by the services / merchandises of the company. ( 10marks )

Overall, Starbucks Coffee is recognized by many environmental associations for their eternal part as a “Green” company. Throughout the procedure of turning, processing and transporting the java beans, Starbucks Coffee has been in support of environmentally-sound java turning patterns and to guarantee the sustainability of its merchandise supply. Starbucks Coffee strives to cut down their environmental impact through some enterprises aiming issues like recycle, reuse, waste decrease every bit good as instruction spouses and consumers.

However, there are some negative environmental impacts that are caused by the services and merchandises of Starbucks Coffee. Firstly, based on the Starbucks 2007 CSR Annual Report, each Starbucks Coffee shop uses 6.78kW/h of electricity, 0.058 thermos of natural gas, and 25 gallons of H2O, on norm, per square pes per month ( Saed, 2009 ) . The most serious environmental impact is H2O wastage. Recently, Starbucks Coffee is criticized by environmental experts for blowing 23.4 million litres of H2O per twenty-four hours caused by running lights-outs at its about 10,000 mercantile establishments worldwide ( Saed, 2009 ) . The wastage of H2O is a menace to the environment and wildlife as the pat H2O is sourced from rivers and belowground H2O.

Since javas are brewed and served to clients in packaging like paper cups, doubtless another inevitable wastage of Starbucks Coffee is its java cups. It is estimated that the company produces more than 2 billion paper cups per twelvemonth ( Mother Nature Network Holding Company, 2010 ) . Since Starbucks Coffee uses disposable paper cups made of 10 % recycled paper fibre and 90 % new paper, tremendous measure of natural resources like trees, H2O and energy are required for the processing of the paper cups. In add-on to that, the company’s paper cups are laminated with fictile rosin liner, therefore are unable to be recycled. After devouring their javas, the paper cups are extremely likely to stop up in a landfill in which decomposing of the paper cups occurs. This will ensue in the release of methane gas, which is a nursery gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of C dioxide ( Saed, 2009 ) . Emission of this nursery gas causes nursery consequence which will take to planetary heating. Although Starbucks Coffee is promoting clients to convey in their ain reclaimable cups and bask a 10 % price reduction by making so, more inaugural is needed to actuate clients to be more environmental-friendly.

  1. The company’s environmental direction system.

There are five environmental direction system that have been implement by Starbuck Company are constructing greener shops, recycling & A ; cut downing waste, Starbucks recycling substructure, cut downing waste with reclaimable Cups and H2O preservation.

First Starbuck construct greener shops. Starbuck is a shop that holding LEED® Certified Stores. They have created environmental consciousness on a planetary graduated table since from the design phase right through to building and operations. Besides that, Starbuck besides pay attending in energy preservation & A ; renewable energy, they have pay attending and committed to cut downing the measure of utilizing energy and besides back uping new, renewable solutions and prefer to utilize the energy in the green manner.

Second, recycling and cut downing waste. Starbuck company said that they have 39 % of their retail shops in USA AND Canada were able to offer forepart of shop recycling and 71 % of java were able to recycle and be a fertiliser. Starbuck besides working with Paper Recovery Alliance to increase credence of their stuffs while customize their recycling plan to suit changing regional demands every bit much as possible. Besides that, in 2013 Starbuck have 80 % ( more than 3,200 ) of their shops in USA and Canada have recycled composition board boxes and other back-of-store points. Starbuck Company besides encourage their clients to happen out if their packaging is reclaimable in their vicinities at Earth 911.

Third, Starbuck recycling substructure. Starbuck Company proves that the cups that they are utilizing can be accepted as a valuable natural stuff in a assortment of recycling systems. Starbuck besides working and coaction as a member of the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s Paper Recovery Alliance and the Plastics Recovery Group to happen and convey up solutions to scale and turn to common challenges.

Fourth, cut downing waste with reclaimable cups. Reclaimable cups are an of import constituent for Starbuck Company in the waste decrease scheme. Since 1985 Starbuck rewarded client with 5 % price reductions that bring their personal tumblers and 5 % of the drinks made in their shops in tumblers and brought in by their clients. I felt that this is the effectual manner to promote people to affect in recycling.


Last, H2O preservation. In 2008, Starbuck Company has set a end to cut down H2O ingestion by 25 % in 2015. Since so, they have identified a figure of chances to utilize this cherished resource more sagely and spent the last few old ages proving and formalizing these solutions. They have cut H2O ingestion by 21.1 % through several steps, including the usage of efficient fixtures and equipment that actively monitors ingestion to place spikes in H2O use and taking action and upgrading the H2O filtration systems in their shops to take attention and protect about the cleanness of river and watercourse.

Starbuck Company have besides dominate H2O extends to H2O ingestion, protection and functioning clean H2O in coffee-growing communities. Through C.A.F.E. Practices and the resources, Agronomists of Starbuck Company have provide java husbandmans at their six farmer support centres around the universe, Starbuck Company assist increase their output and quality, while still cut downing the H2O use for java processing and guaranting workers have entree clean imbibing H2O to supply clients a good and clean java.

What are Starbuck making now are pull offing H2O that can be seen “going down the drain” provides one set of challenges, but much of their H2O footmark happens behind the scenes. Leaks can develop below floors, outside in sprinkler systems, even in lavatories.

To battle these unseeable enemy, Starbucks Energy and Resource Conservation squad uses advanced analytics to place shops that are utilizing inordinate sums of H2O. Facilities experts will see the shops that are utilizing inordinate sums of H2O to name and rectify aberrant. This pattern has alleviation in inordinate H2O usage.

  1. The company objectives whether it complies with SMART attack in EMS.

The Starbucks Company has complied with SMART attack in EMS. The company has specific mark to turn to, mensurable mark with demoing per centum, accomplishable mark, realistic with demoing how they achieve the mark, and time-bound.

The Starbucks Company is seeking the ways to cut down environmental footmark, tackle clime alteration and stimulate others to make the same. The company have specific mark to accomplish their aims such as cut downing and recycling waste, energy preservation, H2O preservation, and edifice greener shops.

For the specific mark of cut downing and recycling waste, the Starbucks Company has a mensurable program that to hold recycling available in all of their shops and serve 5 % of drinks in reclaimable cups by 2015. The mark is accomplishable and realistic because the Starbucks Company offered a 10-cent price reduction for client in order to promote clients to utilize reclaimable tumblers or mugs for their drink in the US and Canada. Furthermore, the clients who drink hot drink in shop are served with ceramic mugs. Besides, composition board boxes, milk jugs, sirup bottles, and java evidences which can be found behind the counter are sent to recycling services but recycling success depends on the obtainability of commercial recycling services where the shop is located.

Another specific mark is energy preservation, time-bound is twelvemonth 2015, the Starbucks Company has mensurable mark that commit to cut down 25 % of energy ingestion and to cover 100 % electricity ingestion with renewable energy. The mark is accomplishable and realistic because the company has made significant advancement in developing and understanding new attacks to cut down energy ingestion in the last few old ages and go on to happen extra renewable solutions.

Furthermore, the specific mark of H2O preservation, the Starbucks Company commit to cut down 25 % H2O use in all their shops by 2015. The mark is accomplishable and realistic because the company has changed uninterrupted watercourses of H2O to manual spigots, and clean liquidizer jugs utilizing a blast of higher force per unit area H2O alternatively of unfastened pat. Besides, the company besides plans to put in efficient H2O fixtures, such as lavatories, spray caputs used to rinse dishes, and low-flow spigots in new shops.

  1. Alternate ways to better environmental public presentation of the company beside the attack stated in company policy.

Recycling and cut downing waste

About the cup being used, there are many ways to cut down the cup waste through encourage client to utilize ceramic mug. Offer price reduction for utilizing ceramic mug and their ain cup alternatively of merely their Starbuck trade name cup. When staff giving order, may inquire client for utilizing ceramic mug if they are holding their java in the store. Use ceramic mug besides for clients when petition for H2O, cut down the usage of paper and fictile cup possible. In add-on, client environmental consciousness is of import excessively, non supply paper tissue in self-counter which client usage extravagancy, is merely provided one to two tissue for them when buying one drink.

Energy preservation

Energy play an of import function in a java store, from roasting java to the whole store, it use energy. However to cut down the usage of energy is trouble, even the LED lighting was installed, but it merely cut down non much per centum. There is a manner to cut down one of the usage of energy which is HVAC system: warming, airing, chilling. It could see landscaping the outdoor environment, put some comfy furniture at outdoor, have a screen and more works to do it a cool topographic point and good airing. If client prefer have drink at outside instead than indoor, therefore it could salvage more installations provided.

Water preservation

Water is everything for the Starbuck’s concern, from the doing drinks until the cleaning occupation, all about the H2O. A little wisdom of life for cleansing, we can utilize the H2O in a utile manner which use more than one. For illustration, utilize the H2O to blush lavatory after wash the veggies and fruits, and after wipe up the indoor would utilize the H2O to blush the outdoor. Furthermore, there are many save H2O technique offer in the market. In the market, there is a save H2O lavatory which merely flush 1.5 litre H2O one time alternatively of normal 3 litre H2O, it save 50 % of H2O in normal lavatory usage. In order to salvage H2O, centripetal spigot would besides see to utilize for client and staff, it will come out right sum H2O for wash manus.

Undertaking clime alteration

Presently Starbucks’s coffee-growing communities in Sumatra, Indonesia, and Chiapas, Mexico, nevertheless there are many Starbucks shop in different states. In other agencies, there is a high cost for transportation the java bean to each state which merely from certain coffee-growing communities, it besides consume a batch of fuel. Fuel is cherished naturals mineral, one twenty-four hours there will be exhausted. There is a manner to cut down the usage of fuel which is develop more coffee-growing communities in different states so that java bean can acquire in local and non reassign from other topographic point, it besides benefit to cut down cost of the drink.


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