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Coach Carter

Abydos Passion Play is mainly considered to be the first play to ever be performed and depicted as a religious ritual or event. Zen Buddism is one for most common and well-known Japanese Dada. It is the kung fu monks.

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How to read a Play according to Aristotle you must have six parts in order to read a play. Character, plot, thought, music, diction and spectacle. Blindness as it is depicted in Oedipus Rex, signifies the ignorance a character possesses (Oedipus was blind to the clues of his birth).

The Noh Play Production is an interesting Japanese production that contains only male actors, and revolves around Zen Buddism. The Noah play is very simplistic in terms of the design, usually with prayer and front-center stage. It also involves musical structure. Character * Physical * Socio-economical * Psychological * Moral/Ethical Noah and his sons is a play with major dramatic structure. It was written in the middle ages, depicting the Great Food. Noah is the main character of the play. In my opinion the major question in this play is, will Noah fulfill God’s orders on a consistent basis?

He argued and fought with his wife at all times, they could never be on one accord, and have more good days then bad days in terms of their marriage. His physical appearance in this play was around his 50s and 60s in terms of age. He is introduced in the play to be considered as an old, still aging 600 and some years old. He has a wife and has children. The socio-economical of this play Noah and his sons is that they were believers in Christ but really never obeyed God especially Noah he was very stubborn and never listened to anyone.

The Psychological perspective of this play is that Noah mentally disobeyed God in all of his ways in orders. He also threaten to beat his wife, then as they play goes on he and his wife agree stop fighting and become together as one. The moral/ethical perspective of this play is God. It’s simple to respect God and his orders. The flood only happened because the flood and the only way they were saved are because of the Arc. Personally if I was them I would always listen to God, because disobedience to God could lead to consequences.