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Civic Speech Outline – Teachers

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He told his Peasant Princess that she would want for nothing. Well this was new. "If I want for nothing, then what want do I want? ' She thought long and hard about what she could do with her life. The Peasant Princess finally had an opportunity for a proper education. She loved children, and she spent all of her free time creating art projects. Why not combine all the things she loves? Education, Kids, Arts... Do you see where this is going? As an elementary art teacher, she could spend every day doing all the things she loves. And they lived happily ever after!

Well yes they did however this Isn't the end of our story. Soon thereafter, Prince Charming 's kingdom was overthrown by an evil king named Private Equity Firm. Private Equity took over the kingdom and stripped the Prince of his throne. Once again, the Prince and Princess were struggling peasants. No longer could she invest her time and limited resources in a future career that would pay no return beyond the humble reward of tiny smiles. Goal/Purpose My civic engagement, or calling, was to be an elementary teacher. Today, we will explore the passion many people share to be a teacher.

We'll discuss the many benefits and rewards of the position. Then we will question, if it's so great why are so many teachers leaving the profession, within years of obtaining their degree, or In my case, even before then. In another lifetime, or should I say In a land far far away, this was my dream. L. Why? For me? A. . It wasn't the money, my prince provided well. Negative experience as early as Kindergarten. Ensure that didn't happen to others. Iii. V. This was my natural calling. Who I am. How I act. I wanted to make a difference and feel proud. B. For others? According to UNC (Univac of North Carolina, not Colorado) 9 Reasons to be a Teacher Experience the Joy of Making a Difference Have a Vocation, Not a Job 2. Enjoy Interpersonal Interaction 3. Benefit From Variety 4. Laugh Every Day 6. Have a High Level of Autonomy 7. Spend More Time With Your Family 8. Enjoy Lots of Vacation 9. . Summarized . Rewarding I'. Fun Summers off 'v. Vocation II. How many are leaving? The National Commission on Teaching and America's Future estimates one-third of all new teachers leave after three years, almost half after five years! B.

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Statistics show 40% of students who pursue undergraduate degrees NEVER enter the classroom. I. Take other Jobs instead. Ill. Why? A. You heard my reason. I. Money can't buy happiness? Neither can poverty. It. Ranked #2 of the 30 worst paying college majors. Iii. #22 on a list of lowest paying Jobs that require a bachelors degree lb. Salary the US $35,000. 1. 40 hours = roughly $17 [hour. 2. +30 hours/week grading and planning = $10 b. Other reasons from teachers who left the profession: Starting I. "One of the big reason I quit was intangible, but very real. It's Just a lack of respect. " ii. Teachers in schools don't get to call the shots. I no longer have control ever how I teach my class" iii. "Lack of respect from parents who feel "my taxes pay your wages, so you work for me lb. From older male teachers "l eventually felt pressured to advance into higher-level administration. " v. "There is an overwhelming amount of after-hours work that cannot make up for the free summers" c. Neighbor I. Kindergarten teacher-two boys-heading to Jar high. It. Spends more on supplies and decorations for her classroom each year, than she earns. Ill. Once her children no longer attend this school, she plans on leaving as well.

Conclusion Today, I shared with you my lost civic engagement to be an elementary school teacher. My children are no longer in grade school; in fact they are now in college themselves. My educational path will eventually bring me too point where I can teach at the college level and by then my grandsons will be attending college themselves. I honestly don't know what I would advise if they chose to be elementary teachers. In case you didn't catch it. I am the princess, although we have never quite been poor peasants. My husband was, is, and always will be my prince charming. And yes, we live happily ever after! Class Dismissed!

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