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If I Were a Teacher

If I were a teacher I would be a wise and the best teacher.A teacher who teaches his/her students things that are difficult but meant to be taught in such easy ways.A teacher who makes his/her students learn the lessons fruitfully.

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If I were a teacher I would be a Great Listener. Because before you teach, it is a good thing that a teacher also knows how to listen, like Jesus. If I were a teacher I should be compassionate and thoughtfulThough it might be taken for granted, I still would continue to befriended to my students and show them that someone is adding up her name in his/her family.

:)) If I were a teacher I should be forgiving & a teacher who knows the word accept. Because a good teachers knows how to accept his/her students as what they really are. And if mistakes are to be done, forgive and forget are the best way then erase their mistakes after. If I were a teacherI would be a teacher who NEVER GIVES UP Because like God, though forgotten & left time after time, He still follows His students and continues to love and teach them in any way He could. If I were a teacher I would like to be like J E S U S A teacher that is wise and the best A teacher that is a GREAT LISTENER A teacher that is compassionate and thoughtful A teacher that is forgiving and knows the word accept. A teacher who has never gives up (on me). -Hadhaza G.

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