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Honda Civic vs. Ford Focus

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Ever thought about buying a new, gas saving, family car? If somebody needs some great information about two types of cars, which are the 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid and the 2010 Ford Focus Sedan, then here it is. The quality of the car needs to be comfortable when riding in it. Also, the car needs to get good gas mileage, have a decent price, and have an exceptional warranty. The main thing is to make sure the car has excellent performance specifications and is safe. In these next paragraphs a person should be able to make a decision about which car will suit your families needs best.

Most people want to be comfortable when riding in a car. Comfort in a vehicle can save somebody from getting a sore bottom or anything like that. The Ford Focus and the Honda Civic both have a five-seating capacity. The front has two seats and the back has three seats. The Ford Focus has a little more cargo space than the Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has a little more head and leg room in the front seat of the car, whereas the Ford Focus has more head and leg room in the backseat for your passengers. (2010 Honda Civic) There is an article that was used for my information says that the Ford Focus has uncomfortable rear seating. 2010 Ford Focus) In another article it says that the front seats are comfortable, but it is a matter of personal opinion. (2010 Ford Focus: Overview) The Ford Focus has a compass, external temp, trip computer, stability and traction control, and Bluetooth that the Honda Civic does not have. The Honda Civic just has what is in both cars. There is air conditioning, power windows, tilt steering, cruise control, AM/FM radio, CD player and an alarm in both of the cars. (2010 Honda Civic) While looking up articles, there were not any that said the Honda Civic had uncomfortable seating.

However, any article that says the seats are uncomfortable could be wrong. It does not matter how the seats feel to anybody else, it is how the seats feel to each individual that matters. Gas prices are outrageous; so why not get a gas saving car? Living in a hilly/mountain area the gas mileage of a car will not be as good as what it could be. The gas mileage of a car will be better in an area that has a lot of flat land where a person has to drive a little ways to get where they are going. Gas mileage is that way with any vehicle, but when driving around and topping and starting every five minutes, it will use more gas than just driving around for about thirty minutes. The Honda Civic’s gas mileage for the city and highway is approximately twenty-five and thirty-six, while the Ford Focus’s city and highway gas mileage is approximately twenty-four and thirty-five. (2010 Honda Civic) There is barely any difference in the two cars gas mileage, so which ever car a person picks they will get good gas mileage. Most everybody likes a deal when buying anything. Well when buying a car everybody wants to try to find the best deal possible.

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Whether it is a family car or a one person car, it needs to suits your needs. In choosing a car, evaluating the price of the cars is probably a smart thing to do. Look to make sure the cars that are being looked at stay within your budget and make sure the car has a good warranty for the value of your money. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Honda Civic is $15,455 - $25,340. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Ford Focus is $16,290 - $18,780. (2010 Honda Civic vs) The Honda Civic does cost more than the Ford Focus, but they are about the same price even though the Ford Focus is a little cheaper.

The warranty of the new car is very important. Everybody should make sure that they have a good warranty so if anything messes up on your new car; it can be fixed for cheaper than what it would be without warranty. The Honda Civic and the Ford Focus warranties are for three years or 36,000 miles. Both have a power train warranty of five years or 60,000 miles. Also, both cars have a rust-through warranty of five years or unlimited miles and they both have a roadside aid warranty of three years or 36,000 miles. Remember all the warranties say the year or mile, but mean whichever one comes first. Compare Cars) Some cars do not come with very good warranty, but the car needs to come with as much warranty as necessary to suit your needs. If it does not, then that car is simply not the right car to buy. When buying a car, make sure to evaluate the performance specifications that are on the car. How the car performs is important to just about everybody because nobody wants their new car to mess up on them right after they buy it. The Ford Focus is almost the same size as the Honda Civic, but the Ford Focus is just a bit larger than the Honda Civic. 2010 Honda Civic vs) The Honda Civic and the Ford Focus both are front wheel drive and four wheel drive power brakes. The Honda Civic has electric rack and pinion steering, whereas the Ford Focus has power rack and pinion steering. (2010 Ford Focus-4dr) The Honda Civic’s engine is 110 at 6,000 RPM and the Ford Focus’s engine is 140 at 6,000 RPM. The spare tires for both cars are compact. Also, the front and rear wheels on the both cars are made of aluminum. The Honda Civic has fifteen inch tires on the front and rear tires (2010 Honda Civic Hybrid – 4dr), while the Ford Focus has tires that are seventeen inches on the front and rear tires. 2010 Ford Focus-4dr) Here, the only reason that the Ford Focus is better than the Honda Civic is because of the power rack and electric rack. My family has never owned a car that has not had power rack and pinion steering, so that is why we would prefer the Ford Focus over the Honda Civic. Safety in a vehicle means a person’s life. Before buying a car, check out the safety features that vehicle has on it. The safety features in a vehicle is very important to everybody. So here is a little bit about these two cars safety.

The Honda Civic and the Ford Focus both have front side airbags, curtain side airbags, antilock brake system, and antiskid system. The Honda Civic has traction control that the Ford Focus does not have. (2010 Ford Focus: Overview) The Ford Focus has dual front airbags and tire-pressure monitor that the Honda Civic does not have. (2010 Honda Civic: Overview) A tire-pressure monitor does help from having a blow out and the dual front airbags would probably make the passenger feel safer. Comparing, what the Honda Civic has over the Ford Focus makes the Ford Focus better.

Buying a new car can be very overwhelming. Researching a few kinds of cars helps to narrow it down to the two cars you are leaning more towards purchasing and can make it a lot easier. The Ford Focus Sedan is better because of all the points made in this paper. Although the Honda Civic Hybrid is a good car too, the Ford Focus Sedan is what is needed to suit my family’s needs. This paper hopefully helped somebody make a decision on buying one of these types of cars or helped somebody out on what to look for when buying a new vehicle.

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