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I am Dina Maqdadi and I am not your traditional student

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I am Dina Maqdadi, an eager student with hopes of being accepted in a law school, a mother to a fifteen month old boy and currently undergoing a high risk pregnancy due on the first of January. As of now, I am in one of the most uncomfortable situations a student could be in: The dilemma of being a young mother.

I am also in one of the most challenging scenarios a mother could be in: The challenge of being a single parent.

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Being a single mother is truly a brave task set for me especially because I have many goals in life. I must learn to set aside personal interests. I must learn to be responsible for my welfare and be even more responsible for the welfare of others, my children.

I have learned these things. I have learned to look at things positively and I have learned to do everything to make my goals attainable.

I am a real estate agent with backgrounds in engineering and real estate. I have been exposed to different people with different stories. I have learned that though I am already a mother, I should not let my hopes die. Thus, I have made a decision to study law particularly intellectual property law.

I am a mother and I should be good at making the right decisions for the good of my children. They serve as my inspiration to fulfill these dreams because by doing such, I am not only securing a bright future for myself but also of my children.

As new opportunities decrease due to the high qualifications, it is hard for me, a single parent, to provide the necessities of my children. It is in this light that I request that you consider my admission to your law school to be competent in today’s world. By letting me study in your law school, you open to me a future that I can shape.

I am not saying these for you to take pity on me I sat these because it is the truth. By accepting me, you have not only made a difference in my life but also to my children as well. By considering me as a student you will help me and my children make our dreams into realities.

Thank you and Godbless

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