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Christine Taylor Succeed

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How did Christine Taylor succeed in evolving the local dog-washing service she developed as a teenager into an international franchise business? Christine Taylor grew up as a child in a physical environment that allowed her to succeed. She worked in a bait and tackle business that was owned by her parents in which the only thing acceptable was hard work. This environment allowed her to study hard in school and create a drive within her to succeed. Through her studies and research, you decided that she wanted her business model to be a franchise with Aussie Pooch Mobile.

Christine felt that this will be the best way to grow and expand her business. She also knew that there is a market for her mobile dog wash business but it required bringing on the right people (franchisees), with a good business model that was low in fees and the processes & training offered by APM. She also believed that focused in a niche business and a great promotional strategy will allow Aussie Pooch Mobile to attract customers as well as new franchisees. Her use of designing the trailers to be a moving billboard will give her great word of mouth advertising.

The process and design of her business will enable franchisees to deliver both quality & efficient dog washing service. In planning for future expansion, what strategy should Christine Taylor adopt for APM and why? Australia is a large territory that will have pockets in which the population is very dense. Christine Taylor’s Aussie Pooch Mobile concept will only succeed in geographical areas that are highly populated and modernized. In order for her franchisees to have utilities hook up for water & electricity, she realizes that she must expand to suburban type landscapes.

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Being in a populated area, this will allow word of mouth advertising that will foster new and repeat customers. Having the potential to make money will attract and recruit new franchisees to buy into APM’s concept. In looking at the charts provided, there is a lot of opportunity for APM to grow and expand successfully. However, they will need to move quickly because there are 19 other companies that offer comparable services that may seize the opportunity of growth first. Christine should first target the two larger populated areas than Queensland which will be New South Wales & Victoria.

Christine Taylor Succeed essay

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