Chern’s Short and Long-term Staffing Goals for Growth

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Chern’s Chapter 1 Process (Short-term) Goals * Attract enough applicants to fulfill staffing requirements of 15 new stores a year plus new vacancies in existing stores. * Attract enough internal candidates to promote managers within. * Obey laws and company policy. * Staff efficiently. * Staff effectively. Outcome (Long-term) Goals * Hire sales associates with quality customer service skills. * Hire candidates with potential to be promoted to management. * Retain stable turnover rates. Use strong cash flow and conservative debt policies to expand markets and create stronger shareholder value. * Increase diversity. * Continue consistent annual increase. * Rank higher on Fortune magazine’s “top 100 best companies to work for. ” * Enhance information-technology. Chern’s has maintained a strong business strategy and culture throughout the growth of the company. In continuing this growth, it is recommended that Chern’s manage practical and necessary goals over the course of staffing.

In the immediate future, the company should focus on attracting enough applicants to fill the opening sales associates positions. With the goal of opening 15 stores a year, the company will need to hire approximately 1,875 sales associates per year, not including ones needed to fill opening in existing stores. A significant amount of internal candidates, approximately 255, will be needed to promote within and fill the management positions in the up and coming stores.

Chern’s prides itself to be high quality which makes following laws and company policy necessary for continuing its strong culture. Superior customer service has helped to differentiate it from the competition which makes staffing efficiently, the highest quality of customer service, necessary to uphold the main business strategy. Finally, effective staffing will be necessary to fill all the vacancies and continue Chern’s growth rate.

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