Short and Long Term Career Goals

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Education has always been an important aspect of my life. Although there have been trials and tribulations I have surmounted them. My story is not one of a privileged life not wanting or wishing for anything. Instead it is a dream, a dream to be able to fulfill what is my destiny. On December 14, 2005 I will have my associate's degree; it has been a long time coming, and it is finally here. I have managed to maintain full time work to support myself and my family while attending to school to accomplish one of my life long dreams.

By attending Drexel this would not only afford me the opportunity to continue my dream of furthering my education but it will also allow me to advance in my industry. My short term career goals include furthering my education in business administration; Drexel will allow me to do that. Long term Drexel will give the tools, confidence, and background necessary to advance even further in my career goals. Business has been my passion for a number of years, Drexel will allow me to have more of a hand on approach, and it will allow me to be even more of a key player in the business industry.

Over time my goals continue to grow and advance, Drexel will allow me to make my current goals a reality and work toward my future goals and the ones that I will create in the future. The main way that Drexel would help me with my current and future goals is through affording me a great education, with a wonder staff and plentiful resources as my disposal. These tools are priceless, and impossible to truly measure. All I can say is that it is my beliefs that Drexel is the best place for me to continue my education. Through researching the school and the programs that are offered through Drexel, I believe that the business program best suits my life style. The program allows flexibility which is extremely important in my life.

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My short term career goals include: advancing my knowledge base in the field of business administration, balancing work and family, becoming more confident in my abilities as a degreed professional, learn how to deal more efficiently in my professional life and personal life. Drexel can help me reach these goals by, affording me the opportunity to have a flexible school schedule, by teaching me the necessary tools to needed to become more confident in my personal and professional abilities, giving me a platform to increase my skills in business as well as interpersonal skills necessary to survive in the business world.

Long term goals include, advancing into a higher position with my current employer, or possibly starting my own business, becoming a motivator and teacher to others through my knowledge and experience. Drexel can aid me in reaching these long term goals in the same ways that Drexel can help me reach the short term career goals. One is through allowing a platform to gain further education in the field of business. By advancing my knowledge in the field of business, I hope to be able to be an inspiration to others, as well as have the tools necessary to be effective in my endeavors as well as help others obtain their lifelong goals.

Drexel University is the perfect fit for me. I know that if I am allowed to become a part of the student body all of my dreams will become realities. There is no where to go but up with a Drexel education. If given the opportunity you will not be disappointed. I give every endeavor 100%! Education is necessary in continuing my goals. My Bachelors is just the beginning, just a single step leading up the stairway of my lifelong dreams. Thank you in advance for considering me for your Bachelors program.

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