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Charter Schools in Florida

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According to dictionarycom, charter schools are “publicly funded independent schools established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authorityi” Charter schools are usually tuition-free, public educational institutions that could range from elementary to high school grades, and they are meant to provide an exceptional education to students that are attending, since they’re privately run even though they’re publicly funded. However, one of the biggest controversies in education is debate of how charter schools perform within education compared to how traditional public schools perform in education.

This paper will analyze the performance of charter schools within Florida by analyzing the most successful charter school within the state as well as the most failing charter school within the state to fully come to the understanding as to what type of an impact charter schools have on society.  There has been many news regarding charter schools in Florida lately, most of them focusing on how “Florida tops nation in charter school closures” (Pillow, 2016), and how “charter school get F’s three times as often in Florida“ (Maxwell, 2017). Richard Milbum Academy of Florida is a great example of one of Florida’s charter schools that failed horriblyi Reportedly, the institution has already shut down seven times since 2006, and has last been shut down due to their board abandoning the school, leaving the school without authority (Perrine, 2014). Authorities think charter schools have problems because they can’t fully replace traditional schools, and can’t serve to the capacity that traditional schools do.

One of the many examples to support this is the research done on charter schools which reveals “charter schools serve significantly fewer special education students than traditional students” (Strauss, 2014). However, there are charter schools within Florida, as well as within the nation, that are very beneficial to their students, and help them excel in life Arts and Sciences is one of the best charter schools in Florida; “it‘s won accolades from Florida‘s Department of Education, the Florida Charter School Conference, and the US Department of Education” (Wright, 2018). A school like the Arts and Sciences charter school is one that seeks out the most exceptional students since it has an acceptance and rejection letter as most colleges do, it promises discipline and success, and promises parents safetyl As can be seen, although most charter schools can prove to be problematic within Florida, there are some promising ones. The government should focus on not funding charter schools that don’t prove to have a successful future envisioned for themselves and for their prospective students.

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