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Business Communication-Learning Team Charter Analysis

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Advancement in the field of Information and Communication and Technology has rapidly changed how people communicate. Such new technologies are for instance discussion boards, video-conferencing, chat rooms, listservs, email, and electronic bulletin boards such as Newsgroups among others. First, discussion boards necessitate an individual to post messages on a site as well as reading what others have posted. They are web-based tools which are asynchronous in nature.

They are for instance Lycos Clubs, Excite, Yahoo Clubs, and MSN Webcommunities. Its outstanding advantage is that it easier to follow the discussion topics as opposed to when sending emails to group members. Besides, members of a group do not need to interact at a specific time. However, communication efficiency is hampered as some members may be reluctant to participate regularly (Scott, 1999).

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Business Communication-Learning Team Charter Analysis

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Secondly, Chat Rooms facilitate communication on real time basis and they are internet –based systems such as Yahoo Messanger. It characterized by text-based conversations which resembles encounters in face-to-face communications. Excite, eGroups, Yahoo, and are examples of online companies that provides Chat Rooms. Its major advantage is that it facilitates group members to communicate on real time basis. However, its disadvantage is that members are dictated to give instant response ant thus no time to think adequately.

Thirdly, Listservs facilitates group members to simultaneously receive/send a single email address. There are various Listservs that are freely available such as Topica, eGroups, and Coolist. One of the major advantages of Listservs is that email messages are delivered directly into electronic mailboxes of the members. Nevertheless, Listservs are disadvantageous in that email messages have high chances of getting lost. Thus, the intended communication may not be accomplished (Scott, 1999)


Scott, C. R. (1999). Communication technology and group communication. In L. Frey, D. Gouran, & M. Poole (Eds.), The handbook of group communication & research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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