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MBA Capstone: Team Charter

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Your instructor will review this information to approve your business idea. Our product is a neighborhood market dedicated to organic groceries, education of customers with regard to organic and CEO-friendly growing of food, and commitment to organic vendors. Our concept will solve the issue of companies claiming to be organic when they are truly not. Will educate the public with tips and tricks on how to get the best produce from within their own gardening as well. Our solution is unique because while we will also be selling local produce, we also want to strengthen the community to rely more heavily on their own supply as well.

The intended target audience will include a small community of people who are parents, teachers, students and leaders wanting to help make better food choices for themselves and future generations. Coles (Community; Organic; Local; Environment) Market is a community market with a passion for providing organic produce and groceries in a modern environment. Utilizing produce from only local earth-friendly farmers, our goal is to bring the freshest, healthiest food to our community with the highest regard for our ecological system.

We strive to play a part in reducing the impact of our lifestyles on the world tit other species and future generations. We are fully devoted to continued education about organic farming, community health and education and environmental preservation. Ill. Team Management Plan This section defines how the team will allocate assignments and talents a) Team Leadership: One person will be named the team/project leader to provide overall leadership and continuity to the project.

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Your team leader will be: Karen Lothrop b) Deliverable Management: Each deliverable will be assigned a component Manager. In the case of larger teams, you may assign more than one person to a deliverable. In the case of smaller teams, the team lead may also have to take on the role of a component lead too. The level of effort required for components will vary depending on your business idea. Review the business plan rubric to gain a sense of the amount of content required to help you balance your team's workload with your skills, interests, and your specific business idea.

List your component managers in the table. Deliverable Due Date Manager Assigned Team Charter With Business Description Industry Analysis week 3 Deanna Miles Marketing Plan Wee k 4 Operations Plan week 5 Lakeside Williams/Karen Lothrop Financial Plan week 6 Presentation (Team) As scheduled Karen Lothrop/ Doddering Westbrook Final Plan (Team) week 8 c) Skills Inventory: Identify each team member's personal, professional, and academic strengths and weaknesses in the table.

We will also keep in touch between calls by way of the Team B Discussion thread and through email. Agenda items will be sent through emails and posted in Doc Sharing. How will you keep track of different drafts (versions) of the same document? Documents will be shared via email and posted in Doc Sharing. Charlie Win will maintain master copies with revisions. Describe how your team will manage conflict. Potential Conflict Recommended Solution Member misses a meeting case by case. Member cannot be reached Multiple methods to be used include; email, text, phone. If no response, team to decide. Member does not complete work on time Member will be reported to professor and get unfavorable Peer Review.

Member work is unsatisfactory Member drops the course Their work will be re-distributed among other members. Member has an unavoidable emergency that delays work Other team members will pick up the work to assist for valid emergencies. Otherwise, How will you resolve minor disagreements? Through vote of entire team. Who rules for major disagreements?team leader or majority rule? Majority rule. How will you use the Peer Review at the end of the course? What are the consequences of unsatisfactory performance? Peer Review to be favorable for all members that have participated and contributed. Unsatisfactory performance will et a vote of other members to include possible recommendation to Professor of reduction of individual's course grade. College is temporarily offline or class time is cancelled Communication will be maintained through alternate methods such as email, phone calls, etc. Other potential conflict Create a list of rules to help you collaborate as a team, including expectations about meetings, communication, course work, conflict resolution, and so on, based on other elements of this charter. All team members are expected to participate in meetings whenever possible (the Team understands scheduling conflicts will arise from time to time). All members are required to 'carry their weight' and perform their allocated portions of the course work. Course work sections will be assigned based on each members' sign up for their areas of expertise/interest.

Critical Success Factors Reason for Importance Steps Taken to Ensure Attainment Contracting with local organic growers and vendors To assure our store will be able to offer the type and variety of products that customers expect Contracting with numerous suppliers for each product line. Rotating purchasing among these vendors. Retail foot traffic generation To insure a consistent flow of customers Well planned and executed marketing and advertising campaigns. Community involvement to build our brand. VI'. Commitment Each team member is to write an individual commitment statement. If onsite, each team member will sign his or her commitment statement. Deanna Miles - My commitment to this group is to make sure we get the Job done and to get it right. I also commit to participate somehow in all group meetings. Lastly I will listen and be up for the ideas and concerns of my group members. Charles Win -

MBA Capstone: Team Charter essay

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