Characteristics of at Risk Students

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Pregnant Teens Janet Riley AED/201-Teaching as a Profession December 23, 2012 Mary Ortiz Pregnant Teens In 2010 data was presented by Voices for Virginia’s Children showing a pregnancy rate for school aged children in Virginia Beach to be 106. 7 per 1000 teens (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2012). Teenage pregnancy is an issue for many and causes problems for students (University of Phoenix, 2005). The Virginia Beach school district offers programs for pregnant teens to help them become less “at risk”. Once the teens are in the situation of becoming pregnant, many believe they do not have a choice to continue their education.

There are programs such as night classes and centers for pregnant teens available in Virginia Beach for these students. The centers offer free childcare while the parents are in class. This way they do not have to miss school because they have no one to watch the children. The night school has an advanced curriculum to help the students graduate faster. Both programs are good for the teenage parents because it puts them together with others in the same situation. Not only does this put them in a setting with others that can understand what they are going through, it also puts them in an environment where they won’t feel judged by others.

Teenage parents may often drop out due to self-esteem issues or lack of help from others. It is very important to both the parents and children that the teens receive a proper education. That is why the programs mentioned are beneficial. They help the teens get past the problems associated with teen pregnancy. They also offer special classes on parenting to help the teens ease into the role of parents. This way they can better handle the transition into parenthood and manage to stay on track. Another great thing about the programs is that they do not cost anything.

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Many teen parents do not have a lot of money; and any money they have probably goes to doctors and items for the babies/children. The centers and special schools do not charge for admission or childcare. With this burden lifted, teens may feel they do not have to quit school. Just having the childcare is a big plus. Some teens do not get help from others and could not afford an independent daycare. So having a way to have their children being taken care of in a trusted environment is a big deal. There are programs offered by the state that are beneficial to these students as well.

Medical programs and supplemental needs programs are offered. The state makes sure the teens and their children have access to doctors, mental health services, family planning services, and drug abuse services (Council on Virginia's Future, 2012). There are also programs to make sure nutritional needs are met. This is beneficial to students because they can stay healthy and well-nourished enough to remain in school. They also make sure that teens have counseling so they are not overwhelmed by the idea of parenting and finishing school.

The programs offered for pregnant teens by Virginia as a state and the city of Virginia Beach are great programs. This is something I actually have personal experience with. I used the night classes to finish school. The night school gave me a chance to graduate. And since the classes did not take up my whole day, I was still able to care for my son. The school years were only as long as an average semester, so it did not take as long to finish school. This way I was able to start a full time job sooner and did not have to sacrifice my education. There is one problem I have found with teen pregnancy programs.

The issue of teen pregnancy is something many would rather not mention. People are afraid of bringing attention to the issue or creating influence. Therefore, the programs are not well known. Many only know of them through having to thoroughly research or by hearing from counselors or even peers after they have had time to give up. If the programs were more widely known, the teens would have the advantage to decide to go before completely dropping out. Teen pregnancy does cause a lot of issues when it comes to education. With the help of the schools and centers offered by the city, educational goals can be met.

Though it should not be encouraged, the students do not have to be so “at-risk”. References Council on Virginia's Future. (2012). Teen Pregnancy. Retrieved from http://vaperforms. virginia. gov/indicators/healthfamily/teenpregnancy. php The Annie E. Casey Foundation. (2012). Teen Pregnancy Rate per 1,000 by Age Group (Rate) – 2010. Retrieved from http://datacenter. kidscount. org/data/bystate/Rankings. aspx? state=VA&ind=6393 University of Phoenix. (2005). Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, Second Edition. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, AED/201- Teaching as a Profession website.

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