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At Risk Students

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Below is a list of warning signs that an educator may see with these types of abuses. Warning Signs of Potential Abuse: Be aggressive, oppositional, or defiant * Act out, displaying aggressive or disruptive behavior * Fear of going home * Be described as "accident prone" * Being a low achiever * Showing regressive or less mature behavior * Dislike or shrink from physical contact These are just a few of the signs that are listed as "Behavioral Clues That May Indicate Child Abuse" (Cross-Tower, 2003, Para.

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At Risk Students

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. Warning Signs of Potential Drug Abuse: * Withdrawal * Isolation Fatigue Depression * Aggressive Rebellious Behavior * Change in Friends * Drop in Academic Performance These are a few of the signs that In an article by Bowers (2013) and according to him, "[m]ore than one of these behavioral changes must be present In the student for a substantial amount of time before an assumption is made by a teacher about drug use" (up. 2).

Warning Signs of Suicidal Tendencies: * Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed * "Acting out" verbally or physically, at home or at school * Preoccupation with death and dying * Loss of Interest or participation In school life Sudden reports of trouble at school * Difficulty concentrating These are a few signs that could indicate, "[p]attention signs of suicidal feelings and Houghton" (Boson's Children Hospital, 2013, Para. 18); however, these could also be signs of depression.

Moreover, a teacher should see assistance If these signs appear If one of my students had any of these signs, I would be concerned. The first thing I would do is my research and find out what the protocols are when reporting suspicions of child mistreatment or abuse. Secondly, in these cases I wouldn't second guess myself and I would report my suspicions to the appropriate authority, in addition, I would indicate that these are suspicions and that I do not know for sure if abuse is occurring. Furthermore I would do was talk to the child to see if they are willing to disclose what is going on with him or her.

If the child discloses anything, I will add that to my suspicions when I turn in my report to the proper authorities. I will continue to keep a watchful eye on the student, and if anything else occurs after I make my report, I will turn that information in as well. Next, I will follow the progress that is going on in the case and ask for any updates available

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