Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Equity on Sports Accessories

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Brand equity is one of the greatest widespread concepts in marketing currently. It is the additional esteem that a brand conveys to a product or service past the useful advantages provided. Advertising is an effective and powerful marketing tool adopted by marketers to create and promote awareness for their products or brands. Among the many forms of advertising celebrity advertisement is more popular and attractive. Celebrities are famous figures who enjoy public reputation on behalf of consumer goods.

All over the world celebrities as spokespersons have been used for promoting wide varieties of brands. The aim of the paper is to analyse how far the presence of a celebrity in an advertisement enhances brand equity. Five key attributes of the celebrity are analysed against the various components of brand equity and the result reveals that the celebrity endorsement acts as an effective source of promoting brand equity. The study aims to know the positive effect of celebrity underwriting on mark image and discover the most visible variables part in the achievement of a support and to investigate the connection amongst brands and the customer mind and decide a basic key territory to think while going for any big-name support.

The objectives of the study is to examine the influence of celebrity endorsement on components of brand equity and to analyse influence of brand over celebrity endorsement. The problem states that the consumer perception of celebrity personality has an effect on brand personality and buying behaviour. Celebrity support is one of the publicizing systems organizations use to make mindfulness and increase positive reactions about their products and services.

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The Effects

Endorsements by superstars have started since a long time. Regular shoppers are presented to a great many voices and pictures in magazines, daily papers, and on announcements, sites, radio and TV. Every brand attempts to steal at least a fraction of a person's time to inform him or her about the different attributes of the product that is available in the market. The challenge of the marketer is to find a hook that will hold the prospective customers and their attention to create demand and to increase the sale for the products of a particular company or brand that is available in the market. In favour to attain this, use of celebrity endorsers is a broadly used as a marketing strategy.

In this procedure, the organizations employ famous people from a specific field to highlight in its notice encounters. The special highlights and pictures of the item are coordinated with the celebrity picture, which has a tendency to convince a shopper to pick a brand from an assortment of alternatives accessible in the market. Despite the fact that this sounds truly basic, yet the plan of such movements and the later achievement in accomplishing the desired outcome simply after a top to bottom knowledge of the product, the brand objective, decision of a celebrity, connecting the big name with the brand, and a structure for estimating the capability.

Businesses capitalize huge sums of currency to support their products with endorsers. Such endorsers are seen as first-class with both attractive and magnificent features and associations organize that these highlights are replaced to products by means of advertising communication activities. Besides, every product has an image. The purchaser endeavours to consume a brand which is more agreeable and reasonable with his or her own particular identity or picture. The celebrity endorser attempts to bring the picture of the item closer to the desire for the purchaser, by exchanging a portion of the social implications living in his picture to the item.

The general conviction among marketing experts is that brand communication messages passed on by celebrities and well-known identity characters creates a higher interest, assumed and review than those executed by non-superstars. The fast message-reach and effect are very basic in the present exceptionally aggressive competitive environment.

Celebrities have additionally been sought after having prevailing with regards to being powerful by surpassing the messiness and catching the eye and focal point of the shopper. They additionally prevail with regards to making a desire in the minds of the purchaser to get what their most loved celebrity endorses.

Each Advertisement intends to make mindfulness and stimulate enthusiasm for the brains of clients. To do as such sponsors utilize a few of showcasing procedures. Celebrity Endorsement is one of these power tackles by which sponsors attempt to use the picture and recognizable proof of the Celebrity to advance an item or organization. This makes the promotion cheerful, attractive, fascinating, as well as eye-catching also.
Currently, many organizations spend through billions of dollars for every year on celebrity support to make the great or positive mindfulness their items. Critical objective of celebrity endorsement is to achieve a favourable impression on brand image. Firms trusting that the intensity of a brand lies in the minds of existing or potential clients and what they have encountered directly or indirectly about the brand, adopt key brand administration approach, utilizing celebrity endorsement and brands. It so happens because audience takes the celebrity as a role model and in turn attractiveness, expertise, trustworthiness, brand trust, celebrity endorsement, consumer based, brand equity, brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand association, etc impact their lives. This coordinate likewise turns out to be fruitful in light of the fact that the consistency of highlights from the celebrity and the item focuses on the abilities of the customer definitely and prompts the improvement of great judgements about the brand.

Objectives of the study and research questions

  • Does celebrity endorsement do influence the brand company positively?

Ans. Null Hypothesis= Celebrity endorsement does not influence brand equity of the company.
Alternative Hypothesis = Celebrity endorsement positively influences brand equity of the company.

  • Does the brand influence celebrity endorsement?

Ans. Null Hypothesis= The brand does not have any influence of celebrity endorsement.
Alternative Hypothesis= The brand significantly influences Celebrity Endorsement.

  • Does the celebrity personality have any impact on brand personality and buying behavior?

Ans. Null Hypothesis= Celebrity endorsement does not have any impact on brand personality and buying behaviour.
Alternative Hypothesis= Celebrity endorsement have impact on brand personality and buying behaviour.

Based on research question hypothesis is formed.

Research Methodology

In order to answer the research question and achieve the research objective recognized for this research, an empirical research method is adopted. In this research a quantitative research approach was applied to suit the content of the research. A questionnaire survey was conducted to give a quantitative view of this research.

30 items (questions) and sampling is snow ball theory, google survey was conducted, 100 consumers in the city Bangalore.
Based on the primary data statistical analysis is done.

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