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Product Or Cosmetics and Accessories That Morphe Sells

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The relationship between marketing planning and business-level strategy is that you need both if you are going to have a truly successful business. The marketing plan lays the foundation for the company and its goals, while the business-level strategy can be used to assist in narrowing down weaknesses that need to be addressed and making sure that your company stays relevant and can compete with similar brands in the industry. A successful company needs to be malleable and able to change with the times, as well as tailor itself to be what the customers want from the company. The company I have chosen to do for my Minor Project 1, is an excellent example of a company that expands and tailors itself to what the customers want. It went from selling 1 item that people like, to selling dozens of items that people all around the world use every single day.

For my company I chose to do Morphe, a makeup company that I regularly buy products from. The Morphe brand is currently very popular among social influencers, especially those on YouTube and Instagram. The mission statement or main objective of Morphe is to be a beauty brand that offers high-performance yet affordable makeup products that allow makeup artists to express their creativity for beauty (About the brand). The mission of Morphe is one that is strong within the it’s industry, as their products are professional yet affordable compared to some other brands in the industry that can be expensive and underperforming. Morphe stands out amongst other brands as it is endorsed by many famous individuals, and it has many collaborations with famous makeup artists. The main objective of Morphe is clearly met as they are a globally successful company with many supporters and they are continuously growing their product options.

Morphe has many strengths, but they have some weaknesses as well. One of the brands biggest strengths is their relationships and endorsements within the beauty community with influential makeup artists. The Morphe brand has repeatedly released collaborations with famous makeup artists where they release brush sets, palletes, or other makeup products under the Morphe name and the name of whichever star they are currently collaborating with. Some of the most recent collaborations have included YouTube superstars like James Charles and Jeffree Star. Morphe has a good reputation for most of its products and the recognition they receive from celebrities is one of their biggest strengths. This only adds to the fact that most of their products are reviewed well within the beauty community and they perform well when applying makeup. The quality of their products and the support from those in the beauty community are by far the company’s biggest strengths.

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One of the weaknesses of the Morphe brand however is that some of their products have drastically underperformed and been trashed by those in the beauty community. Some palletes released under a certain collaboration were said to not be meeting the quality they had come to expect from Morphe products, Morphe has also been said to buy off some beauty influencers to support their brand, which is not as scandalous today as it was a few years ago, but it is still not a good reputation that the brand wants to be associated with. The line of products that were found to be of low quality were said to have been recalled and re-released with better formulas, but some in the beauty world said the formula of the products did not change at all. This was a critical point in Morphe history as it was close to breaking the brand. In recent collaborations with makeup artists the quality of products has greatly improved so it looks like Morphe identified the weakness they had with one of their previous influencers and fixed it so that it would no longer be an issue.

Morphe now has the opportunity to continuously expand their brand collaborations since they have fixed their product issues in the past, and it will most likely lead to an increase in overall revenue. The recent collaborations they have done have all sold out just minutes after they have hit the shelves, and whenever there is a restock, it is almost immediately sold out again. Morphe could use this opportunity to further the collaborations they have with the current makeup artists they are working with, and they could capitalize on this success and make deals with other highly successful individuals to create new makeup products. Some of the threats to the company could be if they stop releasing new products, or if they use formulas for products that did not test well on the market in future products. The biggest current threat to Morphe would likely be a future product release that tanks the image of the company, or if a company with similar quality products for a slightly cheaper or similar price emerges. That is a possibility since new makeup brands appear consistently, and if one lives long enough to challenge Morphe’s popularity in the beauty market, then that could be a huge potential threat to Morphe.

The objectives of Morphe, other than the obvious ones of being successful and earning a good profit, consist mostly of being able to provide high quality products at reasonable rates to beauty enthusiasts. The Morphe brand may have just started out selling makeup brushes, but they have expanded the product range to include eye shadow palletes, concealers, foundation, primers, eyebrow tools, highlighters, bronzers, lip products, and many more. They have met their objectives successfully as they have continued to provide quality products at decent rates to a wide range of consumers who enjoy using makeup to express their creativity. There does not seem to be a specific deadline for the company as they expand, but if they keep going at the current rate the chance of success within the company is high as they have been doing well in recent years.

The target market strategy for Morphe consists of mostly teenagers and young adults. While makeup products are usually targeted toward women, in recent years there has been a large increase in male beauty influencers and men wearing or buying makeup on social media, so Morphe sells to all genders who are interested in beauty products. Many of their collaborations are even with men so they are very open and positive towards the male beauty community. They target to all races and ethnicities as they have very inclusive color ranges for foundations and concealers for all different types of skin tones. If we had to narrow down the target market strategy for Morphe we would say its for the 13-27 age range with a primary focus on women since that is the majority of the clientele.

The marketing mix for the company is pretty straightforward. The product, or the makeup and accessories that Morphe sells, have a distinct style of packaging and look to them that can be associated with the brand. The brushes and makeup palletes have a very unique style, as well as the other products that Morphe sells, which makes it easy to identify a Morphe product. The place, or distribution of Morphe products, allows Morphe to be bought in a number of ways. You can either go to a Morphe store to purchase Morphe products, a makeup store like Ulta that carries the Morphe brand, you can also order Morphe products online through the Ulta store or through the Morphe website. They ship to all North America locations and most European locations, so you can get Morphe products globally.

Morphe uses several different types of promotion for their products, the most successful one being YouTuber endorsements who plug the brand on their channels, and post about the brand on their social medias. Morphe continuously provides special codes that get you 10% off your purchase, and these codes can be obtained either through your favorite Morphe approved beauty guru or by a special sale that Morphe promotes on their social media platforms and their website. They also e-mail customers with special offers, promotions, and upcoming products or deals. They also post a lot of pictures from photoshoots of their products, their makeup on models or customers, and they attach links to their photos, so it is easy for customers to see the pictured product that they can purchase for themselves.

They also post teaser images on social media of upcoming collaborations or new products so that followers of the brand can be up to date on the up and coming products Morphe will be offering. As far as price goes for Morphe products, the prices are reasonable and nothing too expensive, which is what the brand advertises. Brushes can be bought from anywhere from usually $6 to $16, with prices being either lower or higher if it is a smaller/larger brush or if it is a very specific type of brush. Eyeshadow palletes are usually priced around $12-$30 depending on the size of the pallete. The foundation goes for $18, the concealers for $9, primers are $12, and blushes are also $12, to just name a few of their products. Morphe has excellent pricing for the quality of product you get, which is one of the reasons they have been able to dominate the beauty world.

As far as implementation for Morphe goes, they should continue on the path they took with their last couple of product collaboration launches as they have been sold out within minutes and they are continuously sold out both in stores and online. The marketing plan they currently have in place seems to be very successful and except for a few tweaks here and there I don’t think they should make any major changes to their marketing plan. When evaluating the marketing plan for Morphe it has been successful for at least the past few years, and it appears that it will be successful in the future if they keep up this level of professionalism and continue to build upon their current plan. Once the plan is put into motion they can use control to make any necessary adjustments and fix any mistakes. They can adjust their prices or work on bettering their products, public relations, etc. if need be through control.

The Morphe company is very reputable within the beauty committee and is a staple in almost every beauty lover’s arsenal of products. They have a loyal following and a solid marketing plan that has proven itself well in the beauty industry. The business is headed in a very inclusive direction as they are aiming to make sure that their products can be used by anyone no matter the race, gender, or age of the person. By including male makeup artists in their campaigns, they are positioning their brand to be one that is at the forefront of inclusivity in the makeup world. Many brands still have a very limited shade range for people of color and are run by homophobic or unwelcoming people who do not believe everyone can enjoy makeup. Morphe aims to be the spearhead of the inclusivity movement it seems by making sure anyone and everyone can use their products. Morphe is a wonderful makeup brand, with a great message, and a very strong marketing plan that will help ensure they stay on top of the makeup brand competition.

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