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Analyze the Big Data Essay

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The breadth of center's MEMO inventory that encompasses all wireless phone brands is unmatched in the wireless accessory industry. 1. 2 Executive Summary This document represents the artifacts collected for the Customer Cell Phone Accessories Purchase Project at Accessories Fulfillment Center (AFC) located in Houston, TX. AFC needs to have a program that will engage its customer to get satisfactorily business experience. The purpose of this project is to develop a high level data flow design from the customer entering into the website to the successful purchase. Our mission is to create value.

We want to deliver a service where customers can find and discover all cell phone needs that they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Every client has their own highly complex fulfillment and logistics challenges and we are here to help increase operating income, leverage return on investment, improve market agility, and achieve higher levels of customer service. We believe that our customer This paper will highlight the data elements needed to support such a program as well as the contracts and sub-entities that come into play.

It will focus initially on the interactions required between our customers and systems as well as the methods they may use to make these purchases. Next it will discuss the data elements that deed to be considered in these transactions. We will provide a fully attributed Entity Relationship Diagram (RED) showing the entities, primary and foreign keys, as well as the individual data attributes needed by each entity. We will also cover the contracts held between these entities. A Data Flow Diagram (DVD) will also be provided to depict the flow of data through the systems and the work / processing performed by the system.

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This will cover the logical design of the system. Finally, we will discuss our decision analysis with a matrix of potential solutions and the final decision we landed on. . 3 Problem statement Many companies and institutions have lack of designed web based application that can help and offer better service to customers employees and administers. As AFC Houston, it's official site of AFC web Just shows the basic information of the company and the variety of product. If customers need to buy accessories from AFC, they have to drive to AFC or make phone call to AFC. As we can see the AFC web is not customized and ineffectively to increase sale.

So the main problem is the company needs an online shopping system in which can show office web information and has unction's such as product lookup, customer registration, product ordering and online payment. With the new system, AFC can create value and offer customer a better shopping experience. 1. 4 Assumption There are two assumptions we assume for establishing AFC online shopping system: 1 . It is common for company to use network technology to digitize system of information management. 2. The customer prefers to use online shopping system to achieve the purchasing activity.

Online Shopping System Requirement Analysis 2. 1 Requirement Definition E-commerce makes our shopping experiences more convenience, fast and versification. AFC online shop system not only needs to have the basic functions of identify the AFC online shopping system flow in Figure 1 . Then we define the functional requirements and non-functional requirements. 3 AFC online shopping system flow 2. 2. 1 Functional Requirement According to the characteristic of AFC online shopping system's basic process, we define some essential components for system function. 1 Only the membership can use the function of shopping cart. Product's information needs a classification to user's search. 3 Shopping cart needs serial number. Members can inquire the order. Considering these components, the main functions of the AFC online shopping system are embodied in the operation of providing, saving, updating and inquiring which include member information management, product information management, shopping cart management, order management and payment method. The figure 2 shows the frame of system function module. 4 System Function Module We can conclude more functional requirement in detail from the diagram above. ) Member Register and Login Before new user puts the products into the cart, the system will guide the user to sign up the new account" part. New user has to fill in the information such as surname, password, Email address, phone number. The existing member then needs to enter the correct surname and password. The system will check the data and authorize the member to log in. B) Modify Member's Information User can modify their registration information after log in which includes surname, c) Administrator User Administrator is a special user; it can manage normal account, classify the products and deal with order. ) Browse the product All the guest and member can browse the products. E) Manage shopping cart Add products into shopping cart Browse the shopping cart Member can see the list of shopping item includes quantity, serial number, and total price in their own shopping cart. Delete the products Edit the quantity of product Clear the shopping cart f) Order processing System will generate the order after member go to check in shopping cart. The system provide the function of inquire order to members after they complete the purchasing activity. ) Payment Method The system will allow member pay the product by Credit [Debit card payment or Papal. 2. 1. 2 Non-functional requirement a) Operational management The system should run on any PC, tablet Pc, mobile phone which can be connected to internet. MISSES 6 - Final Project The system should always be monitored by one of the administer during it's working time. B) Security No members can access any other member's personal information and purchase record. All the personal information filled in AFC web Just can be seen by registrants himself and the administer who has been authorized.

The information should be protected during transmission by Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) software, which encrypts information member input. C) Cultural and Political All content included on AFC site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons and images is the property of AFC 's content suppliers and protected by the United States and international copyright laws. Customer satisfaction is Oaf's goal. All the question and complaint that the system received will be deal within 48 hours. 3. Orders are guaranteed to ship within 1-2 days.

The Entity Relationship Diagram helps us better to understand our data stored into the database. Each entity table specified is on the basis of requirements needed to fulfill our Customer Online Shopping System. For instance, Product_Detail entity table represents the information that needs to store for every new product, it can be updated or deleted. Same with Member_Detail entity table, it is required to store data for every new customer willing to become member of the company. The Member entity table represents data that is unique for every member of the company, 'e surname and password.

The Cart_lutes entity table represents the number of different products that a customer wants to have in his shopping cart. The Shopping Cart entity table has all the information of various products kept in the cart y the customer. It is nothing but the shopping bag with all the purchase details in it. Payment entity table takes cares of the payment required to make by the customer for the purchase from the company. And 7 Order_Detail table shows the details of the purchase made by the customer.

A customer can directly inquire the status of his purchase made from the company. Each attributes in the table includes the details required will be stored each entity. The following is the explanation of primary keys, foreign keys and cardinality of relationship of each entity table: ) Member Primary Key: - User_ID User can be of two types, either returning previous customer or guest. Previous customer has their information available in system so they Just need to put their surname and password but for new customer we required to have all the basic information.

Therefore, there is relationship between Member and Member Detail. B) Member_Detail Primary Key: - Member_old Foreign Key: - User_old. New customers willing to be member of the company need their data to be entered. There is relationship between Member and Member_Detail and I:M relationship tit product. C) Product_Detail Primary Key: - Product_old All the wears and tears of the product need to be stored in this table. There is I:M relationship with Member and M:N relationship with Cart_lutes. D) Cart_lutes Primary Key: - Correlate_old Foreign Key: - Product_old.

Product_Detail. E) Outcroppings Primary Key: - Cart_old Foreign Key: - Member_old, Correlate_old 8 There is I:M relationship with Cart_lutes table, 1:1 relationship with payment and relationship with Member Detail. This table contains all the details of product that a customer is willing to buy. F) Payment Primary Key: - Payment_old. There would be 1:1 relationship between payment and Cart_late and also after successful verification of the payment, there is 1:1 relationship with the Order_Detail. G) Order_Detail Primary Key: - Order_old.

There is 1:1 relationship with the payment and M:l with Member. A member can directly inquire for the status of his purchase with the order_old. The Entity Relationship Diagram for Customer Online Shopping system of Accessory Fulfillment Center is shown below in figure 3. 9 Entity Relationship Diagram Logical design: Process Modeling (DVD) DVD is a graphical representation of the flow of data through an information system. Based on the functional requirement and RED, the processes and entity of AFC online shopping system is clear.

We draw the context diagram and DVD level O diagram for our system. The context diagram defines how the computer system interacts with it's environment. In AFC case, external entities are the customer who will need the various services from the system, and the administration office who will manage and request the reports. The figure 4 shows how AFC online system interacts with guest, member and administer. Context Diagram The level O diagram shows all the processes at the first level of numbering, the data stores, external entities, and data flow among them.

We define 3 external entities, 8 processes and 5 data stores. The system data flow starts from the customer browses AFC web and register the membership. Next the customer will choose the product to shopping cart then pay the product which will generate the order. Each order will have a unique number for customer to track the order activities. The number will also help administer to manage the order. Administer is external entities who will do he background work such as manage the membership and deal with the order.

The figure 5 and 6 will show each process event and the integrated level O DVD. DVD Fragment 1 Figure 6 Decision Analysis In order to measure how beneficial or practical an information system will be to an organization, we consider conduct feasibility analysis on the AFC online shopping system. The feasibility analysis is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making. This part will elaborate the feasibility analysis from

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