Causes And Effects Of Suicide

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2021
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Suicide is an action whereby a person ends his or her own life. According to Conner (2009), the 1 lath main cause of death for all ages in the united States was suicide in 2005, which is the 3rd leading cause for people between 15 and 24 years old. This showed that children have a higher risk for committing suicide compared to most of the other age groups. High requirements from the parents to the children will lead to increase in rate of death.

Firstly, when the requirements from the parents are too high, this causes the children to eel stressful. As the parents want to improve the image of the family, they expect their children to do better than the others. Sometimes, as the requirements from the parents are too high, the children will feel stressful. Besides that, when the parents themselves are successful persons, they will expect that their children can be more successful than them. Most Of the rich family would like to send their children to attain a four-year-college degree (Child Trends Databanks, 2012).

Therefore, children will have negative self- lining because they feel like they cannot reach their parents' target (Reader, 2012). Then, because of stress, the children cannot fulfill the requirements and they feel depressed, and then end up will suicide. According to Newman (201 3), if the parents' requirements are too high, when children cannot fulfill the requirements, their self-confidence may be destroyed, and their desire to succeed may disappear. When they feel depressed, they cannot concentrate on doing anything and will give up on doing anything.

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According to Lickerish 201 0), depression will cause a person to have thinking like they do not contribute anything to anyone in this world, and it makes no difference even if they do not exist in the world. Because of that, the person will start to think about suicide without letting anyone know about the plan, and finally committed suicide. Next, after the children died, their parents will feel sad and regret, some of them which could not accept the reality will follow their children's step, and this causes the rate of death increases.

For example, a ether committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree one year after his 16 years old daughter committed suicide (Hurwitz, 2014). This showed that suicide of a person may become a factor that influence other people, for example, families, relatives, and friends to follow the footsteps of the person and commit suicide as well. According to Jejune, Grapnels and Grapnels (201 1), among all the deaths in United States each year, death by suicide consists of 1. 3%, while for age between 15 to 24, death by suicide consists of 12. 3%.

Last but not least, the high death rate is mostly contributed by the unreasonable expectation by the parents. To reduce the rate of death, family acts as the most important character by paying more attentions and taking good care of their children as well as do not make the children feel stressful. For the children themselves, they should always have positive thinking and get some advices from family or counselor when facing some problems. When a person died, there are some family left by the people and they might commit suicide. So, to reduce the rate of death, we should help them to escape from the shadow of the death of suicide.

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