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The main causes of suicide in the US: homelessness, bullying, abuse and others

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Suicide is an extreme problem in the US. People come to think that their lives don’t matter and that the only way to fix their lives are by ending them. More and more people, for some reason, think that suicide is the only answer as the years go by. Technology can hurt people with our ability to cyberbully. Cyberbullying can hurt not just feelings, but whole lives. Death is serious, and these people don’t realize what they’re taking away from themselves and from the rest of the world.

People decide to kill themselves for all sorts of different reasons such as cyberbullying, bullying, getting fired, being homeless, losing family and abuse. The U.S. isn’t even nearly the highest country on a suicide rate and we still lose 44,965 people each year to suicide. A suicide costs the U.S. $69 billion and it is the 10th leading cause of death here. The states we live in sometimes can lead to the cause of suicide for many people. For instance, Montana for some reason is the leading state for suicide, but New Jersey is ranked last. New Jersey is a warmer state, by the ocean, full of people, always something to do, while Montana is a colder state, by Canada, not so many people and not always stuff to do. (See the States Rank at the bottom to see where your state is ranked). Either way, that wouldn’t have as much to do with suicide as you would think...

Age can also be a factor to suicide. Sometimes, older people just give up and decide that they are done waiting for death to catch up to them itself, so they decide to choose when they go.People aAgeds 85 or older are at the top of the diagram with a yearly estimate percentage of 17%. Reasons for this could be like I said before. Another group of ages on the top are 45 to 54 year olds, which could be because of being homeless, losing their job, family or being in an abusive marriage with a yearly estimate percentage of 18%. 75 to 84 year olds are next on the diagram., Tthis could be the same reason as the ages 85 or older with a yearly estimate percentage of 16.5%. 75 to 84 year olds are followed by 35 to 44 year olds,probably because of abusive marriages, losing family, being homeless or losing their job with a yearly estimate percentage of 16%. 65 to 74 year olds are usually lower than 35 to 44 year olds on the diagram and that could be for the same reasons as the 75 to 84 year olds and 85 or older, but it could also be from losing family or being homeless. People between the ages of The ages 25 to 34 waver back and forth with the ages 65 to 74. Reasons for that could be because of not thinking that they can survive on their own in the world, maybe due to losing their first job, ormaybe an abusive marriage. People between theThe ages 15 to 24 are second to lowest, probably because they don’t really know much about the world yet and don’t want to make any drastic decisions before their life even starts. The lowest is 15 or under and this is probably more because their parents and family are there for them and they are watching them more.

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Ethnicity can also be a factor because people might get bullied or labeled but still, white people have the highest suicide rate compared to other ethnicities. Caucasians average around 13% a year beating all other ethnicities in every year except for 2004 when American Indians beat them. American Indians average around 11% a year. Asian and African-Americans almost tie for lowest with Asians just beating Africans barely every year. Asians average at around 6% and African-Americans at 5%.

Different methods for suicide are firearms, suffocation, poison and sometimes other. Basically whatever people can get their hands on at the moment. More than half use firearms. In 2016, 51% who committed suicide used firearms. 22,938 were found dead by firearms. Suffocation was used by 26% of the dead. 11,642 were found suffocated by themselves. 15% used poison. Exactly 6,698 were found poisoned, presumably by themselves. 8% used different methods possibly with blades/razors or with water (drowning). 3,687 were found dead by other methods.

Suicide is part of our world and sadly we can’t do much to change it. It will always be a thing, but we can try to prevent it by helping people, being kind. Honestly, our systems with therapy and insane asylums aren’t helping. If you send someone to an insane asylum they’re going to think they’re insane and that will make it worse. Think about what you say, before you do it. You could save someone’s life.

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