Causes and effects of deforestation in Myanmar

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Harmonizing to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations U.N.FAO, there are about 31,773,000 hour angle hectares or 48.3 of woods in Myanmar. An norm of 372,250 hour angle or 0.95 % of wood have been lost yearly between 1990 and 2010. The organisation states that within the period of 20 old ages ( 1990-2010 ) , around 7,445,000 hour angle or 19.0 % of the entire wood has been cleared in Myanmar. Myanmar is one of the top 10 states that are go oning highest deforestation rate in the universe, and its rank is seven.

The Rangoon-based Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association ( BANCA ) alerts that Myanmar is run intoing a deforestation crisis because of natural catastrophes ( hurricanes, inundations, drouth and fires ) , human activities ( logging, slash-and-burn agribusiness, cutting trees for fuel, mining operations, dike edifice, uncluttering land for farm animal graze and oil extraction ) and overpopulation. If deforestation can non be controlled by authorities, the consequence could be really black. It has negative impacts on environmental debasement and direct biodiversity loss.

Exporting lumber and human population are the chief causes of deforestation in Myanmar. The Global Witness Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ) manipulated that Myanmar shipped at least one million three-dimensional metres of lumber into China in 2002. Between 2010 and 2011, authorities exported 864,000 metric dozenss of lumber and got US $ 600 million from it. Furthermore, harmonizing to the UN FAO study that Burma 's rural populations of around 70 % or at least 30 million rely on woods for their basic demands in 2009. Government and people do non aware if they cut a batch of trees for their net incomes ; it will impact on ecosystem and go on a batch of natural catastrophe in Myanmar.

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The intent of this paper is to demo causes and effects of deforestation in Myanmar. In peculiar, the impact of clime alterations is really serious job in Myanmar due to deforestation. This paper will discourse the programs of authorities to work out these jobs, and it will besides supply some possible suggestions to protect the woods.


The significance of deforestation is cutting, uncluttering and taking of trees for assorted grounds such as logging, slashing-and-burning agribusiness, uncluttering land for farm animal, constructing dike. Sometimes, natural catastrophes can highly destruct woods. For case, Cyclone Nargis destroyed a batch of trees in Myanmar on 2 and 3 May 2008.

Myanmar is developing state, so the authorities and people are highly depend on woods. They cut down a batch of trees for assorted grounds, but the chief point is for short-run economic benefits ( Putatunda, 2011 ) . Deforestation can be caused non merely human activities, but besides natural catastrophes.

In Myanmar, authorities exports a batch of natural resources to other states, but they got more money by exporting lumber. Harmonizing to the parliamentary Natural Resources and Environment Conservation Committee, Myanmar exports a batch of teaks by legal or illegal. The London-based Environment Investigation Agency claims that Myanmar exported 1.6 million tones of teak per yearly to neighbouring states such as India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia.

The bureau states Myanmar got $ 5.7 billion by exporting 18 million three-dimensional metres of wood log between 2000 and 2010. Harmonizing to statistics, Myanmar has more than 16.32 million hectares of wood, and the country of teak is 24,300 hectares while the country of hardwood is 324,000 hectares. In Myanmar about 1.98 million three-dimensional metres of hardwood and 283,000 three-dimensional metres of teak are used in Myanmar per one-year. As a consequence, cutting a batch of trees for exporting is endangering Myanmar woods.

Overpopulation affect on woods because they destroy a batch of trees for their net income. In Myanmar, the population is increased about one million yearly. The population Myanmar is 54,584,650 in 2012.According to UNFAO, 70 per centum of the Myanmar people live in rural country, and they rely on woods for their basic demands and nutriment and income. Similar to Indonesia, people who get less than US $ 1 cut trees to acquire a few income for short-run ( Stolle, 2008 ) .

Deforestation can be caused by non merely semisynthetic, but besides natural catastrophes.

In Myanmar, forest fire is one of the chief jobs to destruct woods. Union of burma lost up to 10 dozenss of forest fuel because of forest fire. As a consequence, every 30 to 70 dozenss of top wood dirt are destroyed in Myanmar. Myanmar is confronting natural catastrophes such as cyclones, landslides, temblors, tsunami, fire and drouth. They are besides existent menaces to Myanmar 's environment.


Burning trees and uncluttering forest highly affect on environment. A batch of nursery gases including C dioxide are emitted from deforestation. Hence, the temperature of planetary is lifting, so climate alterations and dirt eroding go on in Myanmar.

Climate changes

A batch of natural catastrophes are endangering Myanmar 's forest such as cyclones, temblors and inundations ( Moe, 2009 ) . Cyclone Nargis destroyed trees and support of people more than temblor and inundations. Cyclone Nargis was the top deadliest and most acerb tropical cyclones to of all time strike Myanmar ( The New York Time, 2012 ) . The cyclone notably affected a sum of 37 townships. The UN predicts more than 2.4 million people were affected by Cyclone. Harmonizing to official figures, 53,800 were losing, and 84,500 people were killed. It besides destroyed a million estates of rice Paddies, trees and killed three-quarterss of the farm animal with its saltwater rushs.

Soil eroding and dirt birthrate loss

In Myanmar, dirt eroding is one of the most serious jobs, and authorities can non be controlled until now, so the agricultural merchandises of Myanmar are falling. The birthrate of the dirt will cut down if the surface dirt is eroded, and it can turn agricultural land into desert land. To forestall dirt eroding, Myanmar should continue woods and grasslands. If soil eroding can non be preserved, it will take to deluging. Weather and agricultural experts argue that they get 4 inches of rain from the inundation countries, but deluging jobs ne'er go on with this sum of rainfall in the yesteryear. Not merely alimentary depletion but besides ecological, societal and economic job can be happened because of dirt eroding.


A batch of natural catastrophes are endangering people in Myanmar. Most catastrophes are caused by deforestation. So, the authorities are seeking to cut down deforestation. They have three programs for that. First of all, they will wholly censor exporting lumber to other states in 2014 ( William Boot, 2012 ) . However, it is hard to halt illegal logging and exporting to China. The ground is China 's boundary line is really close with northern portion of Myanmar. Most hapless autochthonal people are trusting on wood for their basic demand. Although the authorities does non let to cut trees, they may make go on, but their strategic is a few positive effects on halting illegal logging and exporting to non merely China but besides other states. The 2nd is re-afforestation. Every June or July, the authorities order to works trees in the whole state. Furthermore, the authorities has dictated its citizen between the ages of 11 and 60 must works five trees per yearly in China. The authorities references that the consequence of their plan is they have been planted at least one billion trees since 1982. Although the authorities of China 's program win, in Myanmar, their programme failed since after seting trees, cipher attention about them. In the people 's head, their duty is merely seting trees. The last scheme is coaction with UN organisation. It established The National Commission for Environment Affairs ( NCEA ) which purpose is to back up the environmental protection and cut down the environmental debasement. The authorities expects this coaction can forestall deforestation in Myanmar. The best solution is giving occupation to hapless people. If they have adequate money for their basic demand, they will non destruct the woods.

They will non care how many catastrophes happen and the authorities announces the regulations because money is more of import than retaining the environment for them. Furthermore, recycling and recycling points are besides the best solution. For illustration, industries are utilizing a batch of bamboo to bring forth paper. If people and pupils reuse the recycling paper, they may cut down utilizing bamboo. These solutions may worsen deforestation in Myanmar.


In decision, Myanmar was covered a batch of woods in the past, but today, the coverage of woods decreased significanly in Myanmar. Exporting teaks and overpopulation are the chief causes to be confronting deforestation in Myanmar. Myanmar is hapless state, so authorities budget depend on exporting teaks to other states. About 283,000 three-dimensional metres of teak and 1,98 0,000 three-dimensional metres of hardwood are used for exporting in Myanmar per twelvemonth. Increasing population is besides the chief job. Approximately one million people are incresing per yearly. Most of them are hapless, so they rely on woods for their basic demands. The consequence of destructing woods is breathing a batch of nursery gases. As a consequence the temperature is lifting, and it affects on clime and dirt of Myanmar. By altering clime, a batch of natural catastrophes are go oning in Myanmar such as Cyclone Nargis, temblors, inundations and drouth. Cyclone Nargis destroyed a batch of trees and affected more than 2.4 million people, and it was nightmare for people. Myanmar has no many good topographic point for agribusiness due to deforestation. Government tried to work out deforestation, but it did non impact on the job. Reducing unemployments and recycling points may forestall destructing the woods. If the authorities can non command deforestaionthe, a batch of utmost natural catastrophes will happen in Myanmar. If there is no adequate trees, the temperature will be higher and higher, and the decease rate of people will aggressively increase in hot season. Health jobs and economic system jobs will besides go on. It is believe that if there is no trees, animate beings can non last. If there is no animate beings, all people can non besides survive. By keeping the environment, the universe will be beautiful.

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